Monday Arvo/Evo Thread



Guys, i’m feeling really ill. my housemate has a virus and I’ve gone and caught it haven’t I. Wanna leave work now.

How are you all?


Not really sure about making a play for the evening thread at 1600hrs


i’ll do what I bloody want, thanks mate.


I’m feeling a little poorly. I have grabbed a monitor and am going to WFH the rest of the week.


Get well soon <3


Get well soon proffers :head_bandage:


ty @twentynine and @Jeremys_Iron :pray:


Fucking hell guys, I won’t forget this.


i suppose the clocks did go back


Please get back to full health imminently


That’s very kind. Thank you.


I’m a well-wisher in that I don’t wish you any specific harm.


My toe is still numb

Watching Gremlins tho