Monday. Balls.

It’s like gales around here.

I spent over 20 years complaining that the radiator in my bedroom doesn’t work. my mum says she got someone to look at it last week. Can’t be fixed, but determination pays off in the end.

Well done everyone, you made it through the weekend. It’s that time of the year when i’m desperate for the holiday to roll around so I can have some time off/see the fam etc while also knowing that in reality I only have about a week and a half off before i’ll then be back to it with nothing but bleak midwinter on the horizon. Kinda blows.

Bed tea 1 :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Bed tea 2 :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Crossword :next_track_button::record_button::previous_track_button:
Got two days off. Had big massive plans to make piccalilli but I’m probably going to slob around in my pyjamas, eat bagels and play Star Wars all day because it’s my birthday!
Can always piccalilli tomorrow, can’t I.
Probably meet my brother later for beer and food :cool::cool:


Obviously all fun stuff but I have no real downtime over Xmas - weekend off, Sunday to Thursday with English family, weekend off, Sunday to Thursday in Dublin, weekend off, back to work.

Hard a bad set of plans but jfc I really want one of my classic lazy holidays where I just play guitar and watch films by the fire for two weeks. Preemptively tired.

Happy birthday!

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Thanks mate. Hope your day improves rapidly!

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Oh I can’t complain - I get to sit here reading a book, with my headphones in. I may be attached to a drip, but there are worse ways to spend a Monday morning.

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Rubbish drive to work - apparent there were traffic lights out at the top of a slip road off the A23, which ended up with three miles of delays for all lanes. Then there was a car with a puncture in the roadworks section.

Then when I got into work someone was already sitting in the hot desk I’d booked.

Not a great start to the week, quite frankly.

But it is a short week - half days tomorrow and Thursday, so I’m sure it’ll fly by.

Happy birthday @AcceptanceIII :birthday::tada::balloon::partying_face::cake: :arrow_double_up::arrow_up::arrow_double_up:


Total overload of great new books at the library :heart_eyes:

Mr Panda! Astro Cat! Arty the first frog in space! Oliver and Patch! More! (also a Britta Teckentrup I haven’t seen before)


Put me in the today can get fucked club

Hope today goes ok weebs x

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So tired.

At the doctors for my hip.

Good vibe there? Could you say it was a hip j

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Was going to go to the pub tonight to play penoid cards for the first time in ages, but I left them at home so that’s not happening. Monday.

Shite nights sleep, slept in, the cold I was hoping to keep at bay has not been kept at bay. Fuck of Monday.

Hope you’re ok @weeber

Election anxiety here.

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Hey everyone (and @AQOS) another night spent at the behest of the nhs. Brilliant. Going for a groin mri soon hopefully. Morphine baby morphine…

My new room is windowless and phone receptionless which is fabulous.

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I’m WFH - should get outside for exercise but I’ve got to stay in for the Kwik fit tyre futting man. Plus it’s really windy out

Plus I got distracted yesterday afternoon and lost some hours doing music and then had to rush out for the evening and cos of that I didn’t eat dinner till gone midnight so I feel like I’m all outa whak

Looking forward to watching Watchmen later. I could watch it now if I wanted but I’m delaying the gratification

Secret Santa Panic Poll

So here’s the skinny: I’ve come back from holiday and been notified about the office secret sants. Present giving is on Thursday so I have a lack of time
HOWEVER I spotted my person has a wishlist up on the secret santa organising website (yes this exists) so… should I use that or be a thoughtful human?

  • Use wishlist
  • Be thoughtful and avant garde

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Good morning!

Have pretty much lost my voice. Again.
Computer is installing updates.
This will take a while’


Happy birthday to the charming and lovely @AcceptanceIII! GBOL :birthday: xxx