Monday banal

I’ve eaten bloody loads today.

Bowl of cereal
Bacon bap (small)
Sausage bap (small)
Apricot pastry
Raisin Danish
Falafel / red cabbage / hummous wrap
Packet of Sunbite bullshit things
Some Cadburys Fingers
Some Jaffa Cakes
Arla protein "yogurt"
Aldi “Paleo” macadamia and coconut bar (fucking love these)


Going to pick up a hose after work.


I have only had two crumpets. I think I have a chest infection. I am going to the Drs for the first time since I broke my foot tomorrow.

just had a pack of hula hoops

gonna go to the gym later and struggle like fuck cos i’ve not done any exercise in a couple of weeks.

I have eaten a relatively small amount today.

1 Bowl of granola
2 satsumas
1 banana
1 boots salmon & prawn rice salad
1 pack of boots rendang flavour crackers
1/2 a cookie

Gunna run a 10k after work, then go common room for the football and eat some fairly decent barbecue food and drink 2-3 beers

I honestly think I might be completely useless.

i was just gonna go for 5k but somehow feel like you’ve challenged me


Best wishes Lonzino.

race ya!

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Cheers, it’s at 7.40 and where I used to live (15 miles away!).

your Strava run is almost inspiring me to begin

but then I remember how much I hate it

toast x 3
tea x 1

Bircher muesli
Yogurt and granola
Leon chorizo club wrap
Yogurt and granola

Creature of habit?

One 'ho
Two 'hos

And I think sex worker is the preferred term.

It gets better after a bit (got a bit of muscle pain on the base of my foot atm which is making it not good but generally it is good once you get used to it (still dreading the marathon though))

Today I have eaten:

*Beef pasta bake (weirdly it was “Meat Free Monday” in the canteen but the main dish was salmon and you could still get your hands on beef)

That’s it! Trying a place called Pizza Storm in Wandsworth later before seeing Kong: Monkey Island in 4DX.


y / n ?

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Worth every penny

3x pancakes, 2x bacon, 1x banana and maple syrup for breakfast

homeprepared mixed salad thing for lunch

some unsalted cashew nuts

got 2x satsumas and an apple to eat before I go home

Will most likely eat a shitload of chocolate if I go to the cinema later

no muscle-bound love-truncheon is completely useless