Monday // banal

last thing you purchased question mark

me? 13A fuses. pack of 4. 99p

had to go into five different shops looking for the bastards.

One D6 (translucent yellow, white pips) because I lost one in Stirling. 45p (+£1.50 P&P…)

Last thing I scanned through the self-serve was a tin of anchovies, 85p.

2 litre bottle of 7up and some fresh pasta

3 pints of Drygate and a pint of Magners at the gig last night - £18.somethingorother :roll_eyes:

So, a tin of anchovies weight in grot mags, then?

just how momma used to make it


Veg Gyoza - £2.49

Slice of lemon drizzle cake I was overcharged 45p for ffs.

Going into a meeting in a bit to come up with questions to ask interviewees for a comms officer job. Anyone got any ideas?

could go some anchovies now you mention it

what things can i put anchovies in / on? pizza… pasta… sandwich? hmm prob not

1 x bottle of methylated spirits


Gutted. You could’ve gotten one D6 (translucent yellow, white pips) for that.

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3 packs of instant noodles


1 mushroom, 2 spicy stir fry.

looks a bit doughy

You look a bit doughy m9.

bottle of cocio chocolate milk