Monday // banal

:cry: i know

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Half a pint of Verdant Some Fifty Summers 15 mins ago - £3.70

duo Yorkie bar


You’re a slender uber-bike wanker, ya numpty.


Is this two full Yorkie-sized bars?

nah, cheap bastards. it’s basically a normal one with 2 extra squares

eaten side by side a la kit kat

I did a big shop yesterday, so about £35 worth of food. The last thing that was scanned was probably mozzarella.

challenge accepted

Bag of spinach


actually, may have ordered a PS1 copy of soul reaver after the yorkie

£42 worth of diesel this morning.

Had eggs for lunch but the spinach was for my smoothie :sunglasses:

Besides lunch…



more of a kale man myself


Vegan club sandwich and diet coke 8.50

Tesco meal deal (Chicken, Bacon & Lettuce sandwich, Diet Coke and Walkers MAX Paprika) plus a bag of Wispa mini-bites. £4.

A Marble Run set for my Nephew’s birthday in a couple of weeks time (that I picked up in my lunch hour today).