Monday // banal



A Marble Run set for my Nephew’s birthday in a couple of weeks time (that I picked up in my lunch hour today).


i had to google what this was but looks pretty good. 10/10 birthday present.


Never tried that. Is it not a bit bitter?


He’s finally at the age where I can now get him presents tha I want to have a go at as well, plus Hamley’s had it in the sale as a 70 piece set for £25 so it’s win-win.


fuck me i’m fucking bored


Lasagne and chips - £3.85


Bought my son a DS and Mario Kart. He doesn’t really get what to do, but he’s literally never played a game before. Got him Nintendogs too, which he liked as he loves animals. He quite liked watching me play Mario Kart, which is the ideal scenario.


wanna write a couple of blogs for me? i need 1600 words please on why enforce, enable and educate are essential for CIOs when deploying a cloud-native strategy


Ha. Think it’s really funny when they do ‘Pasta bake with chips’ as an option in the canteen here.

Who wants pasta and chips ffs.


Winners mate, winners.


Some kind of noodle bullshit thing from Wasabi, 2x salmon nigiri and bottle o’ diet coke.


My tank of a housemate at uni would have a load of pasta, with oven chips and a whole garlic baguette mind you…


might be tough getting that down to 1600


Finished a job and I’m fucked if I’m starting another with 7 minutes to go.

This is what makes me such a great employee.


Having a beer in the sun :+1:


@japes I prefer spinach but kale works fine too! Freeze the bag also so you don’t have to worry about it all going out of date if you come off your smoothie kick :+1:


Some bike gear inner cable


Mouthwash. £1.50
4pints of milk. £1.29