Monday banal

Just noticed something. You know annoying people say ‘h’ as ‘haitch’, when it should be ‘aitch’? I bet they all say PhD as ‘pee aitch dee’.

Probably best not to discuss grammar hang-ups, so if you could change your Christian name to anything else, what would it be? I’d be Chris.


Strong early entry.

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There’s someone here called Jazz.

That’s a great name. Not sure if male or female, mind you.

They’ve got a great surname as well actually.

(I’ve seen emails from them, but never spoken to them, if you’re wondering how I know this person but not if they is man or woman)

Jazz Man?


hi hi hi

bored. writing nurture emails.

listening to linkin park. lel. legit loving meteora

gonna do somee exercise tonight, i drank like a fish at the weekend. not good.

re: chris

hmm Christophe

I can confirm that they do indeed pronounce PhD in that irritating way. Because I have a PhD. Don’t think I’ve mentioned that before on here. Well actually it’s a DPhil, because Oxford - I did it at Oxford, not sure if I’ve mentioned that before either - just like to be a bit different.

Anyway, I’m quite bored.

Dr Phil DPhil (PhD)


I would change my forename to Doctor, so I could be Dr Doctor and then sing the song at anyone who said it.

Yeah I’m Irish so I pronounce it ‘haitch’ all the time because we know how to speak your language better than you so

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I imagine you should pronounce it ‘eeartch’.

always thought ‘kingdom’ would be a cool name for my son / dog

both as an homage to isambard and to the great kingdom of fife

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I had some Italian chocolate that somebody brought back from their holiday and it was terrible.

Could go for Methyl instead. @meths for short.

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is that not geordie

you know what’s annoying? people that write “an hotel”

I think I was still drunk when I got into work. just coming out of one of the all time mother of hangovers, jfc.

I brought some Spanish chocolate into the office today coz I’m a sound cunt but it’s fairly mediocre