Monday banal

I just sent a fax.




Tried to send a fax last week. After repeatedly failing to operate the big machine, sent it as an email attachment instead.

I’m currently eating rice krispies with banana milk. 10/10 would recommend.

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I’m waiting for someone to confirm whether I can go and pick up a guitar I’ve bought from eBay. no money has changed hands yet but I wish they’d hurry up.

Couldn’t be arsed to do any work this afternoon so I’m trying to finish my book club book before tomorrow’s book club.

Book club.

Munching on a wild rice salady thing, doing the “what am I realistically going to achieve between now and going home” rundown of the to-do list.

If a book club clubbed a book would a book club book be clubbed?

Received an eBay parcel today, look how nicely they did it! I wish I cared enough to do that shit.

Just booked a work trip to Belfast where I’ll have to go there and back on the same day. :-1:


I quite often send faxes of handwritten notes to places if they advertise their fax number
Just ultimate inter-office trolling really isn’t it
Sometimes they’ll ask for an email and I think about just sending a scan of the fax of the note


I’ve spent six minutes working out how to spell ‘hindrance’.

Watching Neo Yokio with a bunged up nose/head from mild flu, absolutely no idea whether I’m enjoying it or not

Yay, he’s replied. Road trip to Kent on Saturday to pick up a new guitar! :smiley:


I should have nipped out to the post office this morning so I’m hoping there’s no queue when I go and do it now.

Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this is it:


It’s a long-discontinued Takamine jumbo - I have a Takamine already but I dropped it last year and cracked the top. Looking forward to getting a lovely new one that’s been looked after properly!

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Feeling super ropey but gonna go try gym anyway
I don’t want my teacher to shout at me tho as i’m feeling fragile and i might cry

really shouldn’t have eaten that whole pack of veggie percy pigs, feel rough af


Ah man I’ve always wanted a jumbo, bet it sounds beautiful! Time to embrace the inner Neil Young

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feeling weirdly excited for my period this month
not got much going on

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:gem: :spades::skull_and_crossbones: