Monday banal

So bored.

Going 4 :pizza: and :beers: after work :pray:

How are we getting on?

I’m achey and super tired (had my first ever sleep paralysis last night, proper fucking weird) and I’ve been roped into playing 2 football matches tonight, with an hour gap between them (not long enough to come home and back out again).

Signing for the house tomorrow though so

Hmm sleep paralysis and achy ness sounds like you’ve got a bug- I’m not sure playing football is a great idea m9

Hope you feel better soon though

Christ, mate.

The house though! so excited for you. Guess we’d better get planning for Bike Wankers Sheffield II.

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Acheyness is just from throwing an American football around in the park yesterday

Ah ok. Never mind then. Football away!

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So knackered. Contemplating leaving at 4 even though I didn’t get here till 10.

Band practice with a band I’m not in later. Only learnt half the songs. :scream:

the builders have just left for the day

think my only bathroom facility is a loo with no cistern (e.g no flush)

I guess I can flush it with the garden hose looped in through the window

TVs family have been to visit for the 2nd time in 3 days. Glad they’ve gone. Gonna run out and buy those sun shield things that stick on the window of the car. Then I might have a nap

Or just shit in the bin like a normal person


Glam holiday views


Still feeling not well and being sick on and off, haven’t really eaten properly over the weekend which hasn’t helped so jelly babies are keeping me going today.

My work has just published the results of a 15 year study which is kind of cool especially as it may impact my dad’s treatment.

Tonight got a pal coming to pick up my dining room table and then maybe pub quiz but not sure I can be arsed.

Excellent banal material.

Do I want to eat somewhere that has “lube” in the name?

Could go to the jelly belly shop I guess??

Also an alarming number of adult sex superstores on the motorway.


Oh god please go to the jelly belly store

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I noticed a few such places on the M11 - odd.

couldn’t sleep last night because it was warm

lack of sleep is catching up now. feel awful.

what part of 'merica are you in?

oh wow

There’s one just off the A1 near Sheffield. You didn’t need to travel all that way.


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