Monday Banal

I’ve just overheard the word ‘tranche’ about 19 times in the last three minutes, having never heard this word before.

‘Is it a tranche?’

Well, is it?

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a portion of something, especially money.

A tranche of chips please


i feel like shit

got a headache and a stuffy nose from putting too much sudafed spray up my nose

want to go home really

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Team headache. Hope you shake it off soon.

Haha - right now I’ve got a powerpoint open up on my screen where I’ve used the word “tranche” at least three times!

It is buzzword bingo every day where I work though.

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So bored. Done all my jobs for the day and now my back hurts.

I’ve just missed an opportunity to discretely leave and WFH for the rest of the day

I’m still gonna do it, but it won’t be as discrete now

Told myself I can stop working after I finish this one thing.

Still can’t motivate myself to do it.

Yeah, I use tranche all the time at work but then again I am some sort of bullshit chancey project management consultant :+1:

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So you’ve stopped working without finishing the one thing. Sounds like a win to me. Checkmate, other Epimer.

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Unfortunately the deadline is today and I can’t go to the pub until I’ve done it.

I’ll get started any minute now.

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‘Tranche’ is French for slice.

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are you getting smash bros, eps?

Well played, other Epimer. I really thought #teamlazy had this one in the bag.

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Had soup for lunch. Now very hungry. Only snacks are my delicious homemade pickled onions. How many will I eat before dinner? I’m going to aim for no more than 10.


fair enough.

have you settled on a new card game?


The Netrunner fan run stuff will have some stuff to go to, and I’m going to go full try-hard for Game of Thrones this tournament season.

Also really, really liking Artifact and might see about getting into the tournament scene for that. Got another Netrunner pal who’s into it to.

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Any minute now.

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