Monday Banal

On The Chase there one of the questions was ‘in the word Prosecco, how many times does the letter S appear’. Contestant: ‘4’ :woman_facepalming:


Can’t decide what to do for tea

  • Same as yesterday
  • Leftover veg from yesterday with something else
  • Something else entirely
  • Crappy frozen curry thing

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You see, I knew someone would be bomb in with this. Get exam results tomorrow so… Was gonna get one tomorrow either as a celebration or to cheer myself up. Re-vote.

Takeaway twice in a row is perfectly acceptable

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Nah spent far too much in NY can’t even really justify one…but I will justify one.

Gonna head the sainos.

have been remembering loads of things recently - this is the latest thing




Got falafel.

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since you became a v i person its like your problems have all worsened




i don’t understand why oven life isn’t a thing here :frowning:

i’ve tried, its a nightmare. they come out mega dry.

I’m not happy about this.

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Feeling a bit rubbish so I decided to eat a bunch of left over cheese and meats from a mini feast we had on Saturday for dinner. Well, I say decided, it was more a zombie-brain-feast kinda moment.

Reader, I feel ill. Who could have possibly known wrapping chunks of smoked brie in slices of cured pig cheek and shoving them into my idiot face could possibly have ended badly? Who I ask you?!

Still probably gonna eat some leftover lasagne in a bit as well. My evening is quickly becoming an absolute abomination.

Fuck it I’m having fish fingers, waffles and beans for dinner. Four of each?

nah, six fingers, 3 waffles and a bit of beans.


i usually have 8 fingers if I’m having fish finger sangers, for reference.

Might start cooking really fancy meals then just ‘garnishing’ them with a smiley face on the top.