Monday, bloody Monday thread

Good weekend?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Was ok.

2 day week for me, woop.

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Waiting in for a delivery ‘between 9 and 11’.

Need to pop to the in-laws and pick up their ‘spare’ TV as an interim measure until we get a new one.

Try and dodge the showers and take the dog a walk at some point, as per usual.

Morning all!

I have no teaching to do until 1.30 because my morning class did their final assessment work last week. Most of my classes this week involve assessments or coursework deadlines. I won’t curse myself by making predictions on how busy I will be.

I definitely need to finish the ML Duets playlist this morning and I’ll probably go to the shops for ingredients at lunch time.

I had Aldi own-brand Cinnamon Grahams for breakfast.

Getting my first jab today lads :partying_face: I’m 32 and allowed to book now for anyone else around this age who hasn’t got it yet



Lovely morning here - got the back door open while I drink my coffee which is the silver standard of a “nice morning” (gold would be sitting outside to drink the coffee). Lots of birdsong but also the rumblings of the bin men

Main goal for the day is to give Jessica her spot on flea medicine. A difficult task

I’m not sure how busy work is today - I’ll find it out in approx 15 mins when I turn on my computer. D&D tonight


Morning all

Of course the sun comes out on Monday morning.

Manager on leave this week but some reports needing sorting means I have to figure out using our awful internal document management system.

Birthday innit? Just cooked some dishoom bacon naans in the yurt we’re staying in. Heading back home for a hug with the silly toddler shortly.


hb tt!

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2 day week for me, woke up full on anxiety still so that’s nice isn’t it?

happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

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Happy Twinkleday! :partying_face:

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Happy Birthday!

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HB! :partying_face:

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And happy #hgatr250 week everyone!


HP BD TT! :cake:

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I think I’d like to work in the biscuit industry


It’s a four day week for me, but what that means to my colleagues is that I’ve got five days work to do in 80% of the time. Fuckers.

Anyway, the weather is much better than forecast, so maybe I’ll open the window and hope that our friendly local blackbird will serenade me today. He’s been about a fair bit recently, which has served for a good reminder of just how primeval the sounds that seagulls make is