Monday daily thread


It has been a while since I’ve made a thread.

How are you? How did you sleep? What does your day have in store?

I’m already on a train to London as I’m working there today. It wasn’t too bad getting up at 5.15am as it was already light! I did drink some wine last night though so I’m not feeling 100%!



I’m also on a train, heading to Sheffield for work. I stupidly clicked for a single ticket on the machine when I need a return - thankfully the nice train conductor sorted it out for me.


Hello! I’m at work sadly. Slept terribly because the kiddo kept waking up, so I didn’t really get a decent chunk of sleep. We’ll see how I hold up today.

I will also be on a train! But not yet. I’ve got a few meeting begore heading to Woking.

Quick one - I have a ticket to Woking, and the train itineray says I can use the Tube. Can the train ticket just go through the tube barriers no bother?

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Yes if it is a travel card.

Should have a little dagger/cross symbol next to the route if you can use it on the tube.

‘+ Any Permitted’ or whatever.

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Also, good morning all.

Currently having a little lie in with the dog and having a cup of tea.

Off into work at lunchtime and then I too will be on some trains.


Accurate as it is just me and the cat at home today


I, too, am on my way to London for work! Got a two hour personal development meeting :flushed:


Back to work after a long chunk off, bleh. Probably more easing in than a full day, but still.

Would really like a massage later on

Morning all,

I am also off on a train today - Ipswich is my destination. I don’t have to head off until 11.15ish so I’m just clearing down my OneDrive in advance of leaving my post next month.

Hope you all have good days,




Terrible night. Last day off work before starting back up again tomorrow. Have a meeting with O’s school about her illness this afternoon.

Really need to #knuckledown today/this week. Got an important and potentially tough meeting next week

Robert De Niro’s dad :eyes:



I had a dream last night that I saw a wild boar. It was quite a pleasant dream - the boar just ran past, but everyone around was very impressed by the sight.

Now I’ve just logged into work after two days off, and remembered that work is a pile of shite. I think I need to win the lottery - or go to sleep for twenty years so that I can wake up retired

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Just logged in after a week off. Yep.


How is she doing?

Rash and joint pain is back really badly. Only eating very small amounts, but considering she was not eating at all, it’s small progress.


:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Good morning all. We got back from holiday yesterday (Faro, Portugal). It was pretty great. Here’s a sunset.