Monday Daily/ To-do List Thread


Morning all!

I’ve been awake since 5.30.

Today, I want to pick up a prescription and finish Blood and Wine. If I get time, I’d like to post my DiS Mix CDs.

Tell me what you want to achieve today. SMART targets are warmly encouraged.



At work I want to file a response to [redacted], file translations on [redacted], transfer one [redacted], and get started on another.

On a personal level I haven’t pooed since Friday morning, so getting some relief on that front is my number one goal for this morning.

  • Sign up for my local GP
  • Be in bed by :clock1030: this evening


Morning K

Today I want to -
complain to my manager
Fit mudguards and rack to bike
Bed by 10pm



Absolutely shattered from yesterday still.

Today: silence my clicking bike, book a hotel in Girona, not fall asleep at work

  • request a pay rise
  • get a haircut
  • pick up van from garage
  • try not to get drunk tonight


Should I???

  • McDonald’s breakfast
  • Don’t do that please

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Getting out of bed was struggle enough.
Got to get to Edinburgh and get back.
Tidy the flat.
Sleep some more.


I’m off work all week!!

Today I am going for a run, go practice my golf, chop some wood and play with some goats.


Since Friday?!? You better warn the local sewage treatment works beforehand.


Got a piercing headache, not used to this, feels like I’ve been hit and there’s a very fucking loud family sitting next to me on the bus. I really need to learn how to drive


Start recording some new music.


Morning Keith, DiS…

  • for my own sanity I need to finish a project I’ve been working on for a while. This will take all day… and maybe evening. If I have time I’d love to go to the gym, then dinner, then sleep :sleeping:

Feeling pretty anxious today :confused: I’m hoping it’ll go away after a cup of tea but if not please send little handsy man emojis :hugs: ta


Morning Keith et al

  • Need to get some words translated
  • Yoga at lunch + buy milk
  • Translate some more words




Thank yooou xx


Didn’t get the breakfast because I have to get lunch later, and as a result I’m in work a half hour early . What a nightmare!


You’re thanking pb for a pre-emptive handsy emoji?? Dude’s showing no confidence in you whatsoever! No way you’re gonna need those emojis. This (the absence of emoji) is true (internet) friendship.


UPDATE: aaahhhhhhhhhhh Bisto


Oh shit I didn’t read the post properly, gonna hide in my bunker of shame rn