Monday (dayshift)

The internet is down in my office. For some staff this is a real problem.

I’ll take my coffee up to Higher English in a minute.


Feel like I’m getting some kind of lurgy.

Finished season 1 of Fright Night Lights finally last night.

Not much to report this week if I’m honest.

First day of commuting out to the boonies and i’m already running late. Bus > two tubes > train > walk each way :expressionless: #prayforeric

Morning. Legs are achey. Going to a louis theroux screening thing tonight. Spent too much this weekend

what a life!

still feeling ill. been feeling rough as since Thursday. got a bad back, due to the amount of time I’ve spent in bed. bad bed back

nuttin to report. seriously need to do a lidl jazz shop today. got nowt in, other than ryvita and butter. and other stuff


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local cat is drinking filthy water out of an upturned bucket again. why do cats do this?

please don’t answer

For 4 weeks!! …i need a coffee

Just had 3 days in Wales with the in-laws. Good fun, but I now need a weekend…
First day in my new role as senior manager of… something…

do we know yet if @Epimer got his speedy check in thing sorted or did he have to queue with the riff raff?!

Tired! Got loads to do at work today so obviously going to be posting on here all day. :sleeping:

We’ll know if my cunning plan works in five minutes.

keep us posted baldrick

Sauntered straight through, didn’t I?

Now I need to hide from my colleague in Departures so I don’t need to do any work until we get there.

where you going?

Alright? Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie with Count Buckules Q&A the neet. Haven’t been in Wimbledon for ages, gonna head to Chicken Shop beforehand.

I have a £10 Odeon voucher. Do I spend it all on pick ‘n’ mix?

The Hague, via Amsterdam. Two days, work hearing thing.

I see, have fun.

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Quiet today, isn’t it? Suppose I’ll do the full shebang since I’m killing time in an airport anyway.

Friday: dunno. Can’t have been much.

Saturday: sleep, nerdy card game tournament. Did well in the Swiss rounds, crashed out horribly in the eliminations. Had fun, nice crowd, tried to chat up a couple who were there into playing board games more regularly because they were refreshingly normal. Probably didn’t pull.

Sunday: eye health shenanigans. NHS 111 sent me to A&E. I’m fine. Highlight: parent in front of me who was taking their child in at 11 o’clock Sunday morning despite finding out the previous night that said child had downed a whole bottle of Calpol. What.

This week: off to The Hague for work today/tomorrow. Will spend the rest of the week making up for the time out of the office. No fun plans.