Monday Daytime

Morning all!

No sunlight updates from me.

The Child is on strike today and I’m meant to be working from home (forever, probably). Luckily Wor Lass is here to deal with one of those problems. I might take myself out for coffee.

I’m playing football after work and we’re having GRT miso aubergine for tea.

What are you doing?


Hello, I’m going back to work today after a negative covid test this morning. Normally I’d take an extra day off but a) I haven’t really left the house for a week and b) there’s a huge bit of work hapening today I really need to be there for. Will probably go straight to bed after.



Sat with a coffee, still processing Aftersun having watched it last night and listening to The Good The Bad and The Queen as I suddenly remembered them - and it turns out that first album holds up very well. Overall with the clouds and rain a quietly contemplative start to the week.

Lots of freelance odds and ends to take care of today so going to relax for the next hour then try and have a productive one.

Alright? Been for my first gym session this morning. Unsurprisingly I’m very unfit but despite not being able to sleep because of anxiety and dread fuelled by memories of having to do PE at school, the people there were great and very much in the same boat as me.

Going to do some work then have a nap I think.


Morning all :wave:

Didn’t sleep well last night - had stuff going round my brain, plus I had a song from Matilda: The Musical stuck in my head. Luckily I don’t have to leave the house today (other than to pick Cheekster 2 up from Brownies) so I can be dozy in peace.

Anyway, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:02 16:14 08:12:02 +2:33
London 07:58 16:21 08:23:07 +2:24
Glasgow 08:36 16:17 07:40:40 +2:59
Manchester 08:16 16:21 08:05:16 +2:38
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:08 16:41 08:33:08 +2:17
Newcastle 08:21 16:11 07:50:12 +2:51
Cardiff 08:10 16:34 08:23:20 +2:24
Belfast 08:36 16:30 07:54:11 +2:48

There are no particular milestones but we’re halfway through January, as of midday today! :partying_face: In King’s Lynn, we have gained 30 minutes of daylight since new years day and will gain another 46 minutes by the end of the month.



Friday for me today. Finish at 1.30. unfortunately, my son let me sleep for about an hour last night so am dead now :zzz:

I’d rather not if it’s all the same to you

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Opened the front door to find it pelting down with snow. That was a surprise. It’s settled and it isn’t forecast to get above 1c today (or for much of this week), so I would guess it’s sticking around.

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Had one of those nights where it felt like I spent about 90% of it awake for some reason

Dog walk was a bit thin this morning…

Coffee now, wfhing from home, will see if i can get away with teams meetings wearing my dressing gown. Might call it a house coat.


Meant to get to -6 here at some point this week?

Freezing Sesame Street GIF by Willem Dafriend


BBC says it’s going to be -5 here tonight. Brrrrr!

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I would like to speak to the manager


Anyway, morning DiS. Nothing that exciting to report today, or even this week at all. Hopefully something noteworthy will come up at some point, otherwise my contributions here are going to be even less worthwhile than normal

Into the home stretch!

WFH all week as we’re between offices, looking forward to achieving exactly zilch then

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Slept ok which is nice

It’s cold here, got therapy at lunch and yoga after work

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


The cat keeps putting more and more toys on the stairs every night. Starting to feel like it’s an assassination attempt. No idea what she’d achieve though, I’m the bozo who opens the tins


Accidentally started work on time for a meeting

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Having a bit of a rubbish time physically and mentally atm triggered by rubbish work situation ive found myself in and a friendship which atm feels very tiring and not very balanced but, i have Rhythm Time today with mini which she loves so looking forward to that. After that i might get coffee and then have a relaxed afternoon, maybe a nice film.

Also rubbish weather here. Boo! :cloud_with_rain: