Monday Daytime

Stop slacking x

The twat in the big house on the corner of our street had his leaf blower out at 8am this morning on the dot, but if I curl one out on his lawn apparently i’m the bad guy.


It’s nearly 10am ffs!

Day off today. Normally with toddler, but she’s gone to her Nana’s for the day/will be there overnight and my partner’s gone to work, again, overnight.

Literally no idea what to do with myself. We’ve just had four days of guests being here so there’s a load of washing and tidying to do but also, this is the first ~30 hours I’ve had to myself for nearly two years, holy moly :face_holding_back_tears:


CBT at lunch, writing course tonight, off to see some fairy portals around glastonbury in between and to see some mystics’ graves

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Still having breakfast oops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oooh yes enjoy it

Feet up, trash telly, all the snacks, afternoon nap



Morning all!

I’ve done nothing this morning but eat snacks and complain about that training course last week.

I really need to do some work.


I’m gonna put all the washing on / out to dry otherwise I won’t be able to relax :woozy_face:

Morning, still very full from yesterday and could go a nap. However, sat in a meeting pod with 10 minutes of freedom until a 4 hour run of meetings. Wish I was still on holiday.

Mostly system training and testing today

Been down the beer mine since 7am. Got a big ol’ nostalgia hit off the first Los Campesinos record just now though so that’s nice. Now I’m trying to listen to Gram Parsons while my colleague next door pumps out the Power Rangers Movie (1995) soundtrack. Still got a bunch of work to do as well.

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Congrats. Ignore the washing and tidying

I’m on holiday from work, but I’m not on holiday yet. So, it’s been a lazy morning, and I’ve only just managed to persuade the child to get dressed. Once I’ve finished my coffee we might go and do the fiveways Lego trail.


I told my boss I was taking the last week of August off and he’s still trying to arrange meetings :pensive:

Off til Wednesday. No plans.

(We know every card has a letter on one side and a number on the other)

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That is a hell of a choice by your colleague


The Power by Snap followed by Kung Fu Fighting. Amazing.


assuming there are no rules about only D having 3’s etc :person_shrugging:

Having a bit of a weird one. My dad died yesterday after a long illness. He passed peacefully at the end of a long period of palliative care with me, my mum, and my sister all there with him. Feel a bit ashamed that I’m relieved, but his quality of life (and my mum’s as career) was pretty poor in the past few months.

Doing all the admin now which is a good distraction. Still pretty spaced out and numb

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