Monday Daytime

that’s really rough even if expected, hope you’re doing as well as you can - be kind to yourself


mild hangover off the back of not enough beers, i guess also general lack of sleep over the last busy week

meant to be off to Glasgow tonight but thoroughly cba … got 5 hours to get myself motivated I suppose

might also tackle my big work to-do list also eventually

listening to Jay-Z

:heart: :heart: :heart:


I’m so sorry for your loss x


Sorry for your loss x


D and 7 need to be checked

D needs to have a 3 on the other side
K could have any number on the other side
3 could have any letter on the other side
7 can’t have a D on the other side

Well done @HobbesWhenHeWasNew, @idle65 and @Avery (unless you cheated)

Lots of love to you and your family. Be kind to yourself xx


where does it say that green card have letters/blue have numbers though :confused:

Like K could be blank, have another K or have a :slight_smile: for all we know…

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I screenshot the question from a video and forgot that you’d need to know all cards have a letter on one side and a number on the other, have added that to the question now. If you didn’t know that you’d need to check D, K and 7.

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Ffs. Just used the toilet in the shopping centre, washed my hands and the taps splashed all over the front of my shorts. Gotta walk down the high street looking like I’ve pissed myself.

Spilled half a pint on my crotch on Friday and I think it was too much liquid to look like I pissed myself. Maybe splash some extra water down there in case that helps?


Beautiful day to sit and watch At Home with the Fury’s for hmmmmm 4 hours so far :rofl:

Still hiding away in a meeting pod that is like a wooden hut, been surprisingly productive day but counting down these final 2 hours now.

Office has a good playlist on but I’ve been getting back to.DJ Sabrina new release, enjoying this one


Happy free rum day!


@Aggpass videographer for the wedding i was at was from sheffield. asked him if he’d ever been to a pub called Byron House, and he said he had and it was ‘alright but that could mean a number of things in sheffield’.

met another bloke from sheffield there and he’d never heard of it but it sounded like a shithole.

It’s a proper shithole. But it’s our shithole


Footy on the telly. Pool table. Choice of three lagers on tap. Sunday roast for £6 (add a dessert for an extra quid). Fuck yourself

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Which lagers please?

not my words, mate!

how much to piss over a portrait of the queen? probably pay you for that up there tbf.

Carling, Estrella, Moretti

One in each of the three tiers

Think they might have Amstel on aswell actually.