Monday, December 13th, 2021

Alright? I’m about to head into work to get started on the mountain of orders that were placed over the weekend. Will probably get to finish early to make up for it though. What’s happening with you this fine* December Monday morning?


WFH is back on the menu, so all I can say is …

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



This is it. Long haul into Christmas. Working 11 of the next 12 days with lots of those bring 12hr days. Already tried, so this is going to end well


Morning lovelies.

Another terrible sleep, my tongue is still all sore and blistery …this has been a thing since I had Covid, whenever I am a bit rundown my tongue becomes like this. Which means eating and drinking is hard which makes me grumpy and tired and so it goes.

Anyway. 5 more days isn’t it!?

Bit warm, innit?

I’ve commandeered the car for the day so I can swing by the off licence and load up on beer for Xmas. Also going to pop by the samosa shop to do a quality control check before the big Christmas order…

Good luck, @rich-t!


Love this photo!


The countdown to Xmas is on!

I get to watch the Nativity today so that’ll eat up half an hour at least


Morning all

Today is my annual baking/confectionery extravaganza. Been up since silly o’clock.

  • cranberry and pistachio biscotti :white_check_mark:
  • candied pecans :white_check_mark:
  • chocolate orange caramels (made these last night but fucked them so need to do again)
  • honey and ginger fudge
  • peanut brittle

There’s something quite ASMR about squeezing 150ml of golden syrup into a measuring cup



booster this aft.

now wheres the work irks thread :unamused:

11 degrees!! At 8am! :heart_eyes:

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I prefer to say four more get ups

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30 degrees today. One of those days I really miss being in an office.

Really wish I could work from home this week as, you know, if I get covid now in the next five days it will be another Christmas ruined yay thanks Tories x


(I would wang the mixing bowl in my digital scales and add it directly to avoid loss of syrup inside the cup - it says 150g, not 149! - and less washing up.)

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Oh, my DMs have sprung a leak and now I have a soggy sock

Urgh. I am ill and tired and driving back to the UK with cats in the car.

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Can’t get up

Ah, that’s what a silicone spatula is for! (But yes, I might do that in future)

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Yeah the spatula is definitely a must, good point.