Monday, December 13th, 2021

Just took the dog a walk and got soaked. Urgh.

What music would you recommend to someone who’s Indian and has never listened to non Indian music before? This is a real life situation I’m in, with a hot girl. She said she likes slow stuff so I sent her Leonard Cohen track, think I’ve fucked it already

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stars of the lid…?


Just booked my booster jab for Wednesday.

Not even 9pm but I’m already having one of those days.

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I mean, it’s not even 9am so this isn’t looking good


Carrie and Lowell or is this way too depressing to send to a hot girl? I’d love it but I am merely a depressing girl.

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bjorks vespertine




it’s actually quite a difficult question cos i feel like a lot of music is more difficult to appreciate without an awareness of the music that came before it

I asked her if she knows any Beyonce songs but she hasn’t answered yet

Guess which song the Polish mechanics were listening to in their garage this morning.
Usually only found listening to The Bangles, Prefab Sprout, East 17 et al.

  • The Rat, The Walkmen
  • Chicago, Sufjan Stevens
  • Snow Fall, Halo Benders
  • Good Morning Captain, Slint

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Would genuinely love to hear their opinion on this.


730 alarm, already had two bus rides and visited two offices

Gotta pack soemthing up for collection, then off back home for coffee and shower :sleeping:

Petite Maman later though!

Another 5 days of pointless existence then.


Morning assorted DiSers. Back at work after 4 days off and massively DNW. Just discovered that my new phone doesnt have a headphone jack and i’m pretty livid. Why do they do this? Last week in this job I hope. Brought my cafetiere into work with me <3


Wires are so 2020

Think I might have a… reasonably normal working week for once? (cue everything breaking in 20 minutes)

But then it’s the most wonderful time of thr year right?

Saturday, aye.


:ballot_box_with_check: article I had to finish on the train yesterday because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it during the week has come back to me with minimal edits.

:x: podcast recorded and section re-recorded, then guest who was re-recorded now wants to be anonymous. yeah don’t tell us that in advance mate, it’s not like that could have been mitigated without lots of twatting about after the fact.

Got a can of Monster and my little convector heater is taking the chill off.