Monday drinks audit

What have you had to drink so far today?

1x coffee (instant, with milk & 1 sugar)
1x 1.3L water (from the cooler)
1x 330ml can Coca Cola

3 X tea
1 X oat flat white
A little bit of water

Need more water and another coffee cos I’m falling asleep here mates

3x double espressos
1x peppermint tea
probably 2 litres of water
quick swig of fizzy water from the fridge

1 x flat white (at home)
multiple pints of water


2 x cafetiere coffee
2 x filter coffee
1 x rhubarb lemonade can
3 x glass of water approx. 1litre

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Juat water todau. Fun

Three litres of tap water.

1x “innocent Bolt From The Blue” (750ml)
1x water (???ml)

Cawston Press?

2 x bottles of water (as in my reusuable bottle)
1x iced tea
1x ginger beer

Pret A Manger (Ready to Eat)

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2x mug of tea (assam)
1x glass of juice (orange, mango, passion fruit)

1 x chai

Dead good at hydrating.

Please drink some water.

1x coffee
Lots of water

1x decaff coffee

Appreciate your support but I usually drink all my water in a panic before bed so I can wake up 9 times in the night, and nothing’s going to stop me from unnecessarily disrupting my chances of sleep now.

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4 mugs of tea
Glass of orange squash with my lunch

“Only having 2 coffees a day from now on”

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1x glass of orange juice
2x mugs of coffee, black, one sugar
1x mug of tea, white, one sugar
1x can of Coke Zero

Later, I will likely have:
2x mugs of tea, white, one sugar
1x can of non-alcoholic beer OR glass of fresh lime, tonic, and ice

the first two were from the same cafetiere so that only counts as one coffee, and the filter coffee at work is very weak so two of them is really only one coffee. 1-0 eric