Monday Eeeevening

Hi! Guessing someone else is going to make one of these just as I do the same but oh well. Had a tiring day but just applied for a WFH job I’d be good at for very good money so wish me luck.
Quorn nuggets, wedges, onion rings and beans for tea like a child and probably more Murder, She Wrote. What about you?!?


Probably about the same amount of Murder, She Wrote as usual, thanks for asking.

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right now: :bullettrain_front:
when I get home: :spaghetti:
this evening: :tv::video_game::sleeping:

My day picked up quite nicely. I was in a mood earlier and thought I’d be staying late finishing something off that had to be set off tonight. But I made a breakthrough and got it ready by 5:15 meaning I could leave on time.

Also today I got perfect connections to and from work, making it quicker than driving. So I’m in a pretty good mood.

Tonight I’m making a gnocchi bake for dinner.

Evening all!

I’ve had a long day of parental duties which also involved a trip to Nando’s and B&Q. The weather has been disgusting so most of the morning and afternoon were indoors.

Wor Lass has replastered an area of our bedroom ready for new wardrobes which may or may not arrive before the people coming to fit them get here on Thursday. Exciting stuff.

I was supposed to be going to the quiz tonight because my class tomorrow isn’t happening, but the filthy weather and the tiring daytime activities have made that unlikely.

Just polishing off a quesedilla and margarita then I’m heading to see Polica

Sounds like a pleasant eveninga


Mamma mia!

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Back to Spain it is for me :smiley: literally lasted two weeks.


Do what’s best for you. You did the right thing leaving that job.

Also it was nice meeting you during those two weeks.


Weird question, if a window’s making a howling noise through some cracks where it’s in the wall can I fix it by getting one of those polyfiller tubes?

And will I kill us all doing it myself?

I’ll be around here a while yet figuring out shit, but absolutely!

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Housemate seriously is having the worst luck in the last 6 months… literally a few days shy of the 6 month mark since her (VERY MUTUALLY ASSUMED) partner for life dumped her, the new guy who she really liked and had been begging her for the last month to be his gf - which she was holding off on until like last week - has suddenly volte faced on the whole thing and said he can’t be with her right now. Long distance (ish) but still they had made loads of plans together and she had let go of stuff with her ex (fuck knows if that’s going to come back with a vengeance, but they cannot get back together)…

Fuck’s sake. Bits of it were quite annoying to be around but he seemed like such a better fit for her in terms of having his shit together, and she really liked him. I’m so gutted for her :frowning:

the dog ate my fancy crisps which I can only get at the Asda on the industrial estate as well so I’m absolutely fuming about that but it doesn’t seem like the most important thing rn

Now I have a bit of clarity, it’s a bit weird i gave up living there just because I didn’t wanna teach, and the only alternative was coming back to a place I had to leave cuz it was killing me, to a job that was also killing me.

Brains huh


Good luck Funky.


Absolutely sounded like the best move man. +1 bravery :fist:


Evening everybody.

Our outdoor 6 a side game is going ahead, so I’ve just walked through a hail to get a tram. Not entirely sure of the wisdom of this…


You seem relieved, so it sounds like you’ve made the right decision.

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So relieved. I’m going home.


Desert island crisps:

1 daily pack
1 weekly pack
1 extra special yearly pack

Enforced by policemen with guns. Go!