Monday Eeeevening

Good luck with the job Funkhouser - you (and Ms F) deserve a break!

Roast chicken with root veg for dinner. Chicken was a bit meh, but the veg was :+1:

Watching last year’s Peter Rabbit film which is surprisingly not terrible as I expected - it’s got barely anything in common with the original though.


Kettle lightly salted for daily use, I’ll splash the boat out on some McCoys Cheese & Onion once a week.
Yearly treat, doritos blue flavour.


Welcome to our community, Hobbes :blush:

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Didn’t think we’d agree on crisps for some reason, but here we are

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Burts sea salted daily
Worcester sauce walkers every week
Kettle chips sweet chilli n sour cream on my birthday.

If you turned on bbc 1 just there you’ll see everyone on the one show holding up framed pictures of the storm on their laps like they’re cherished family photos

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Fuck would I want to do that for?


Managed to brave leaving the house to go see some nicely jangly Parisian indie, grabbing a wanker beer beforehand - bumped into one of the bartenders at Alex G last night too so finally have a name to put with the (friendly) face!

1 daily pack - walkers cheese n onion
1 weekly pack - lays extra virgin ready salted
1 extra special yearly pack - McCoy’s s&v

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Watch out everyone. We’ve got a stranger here.

1 daily pack - Sunbites Sweet Chilli
1 weekly pack - Doritos Chilli Heatwave
1 special yearly pack - Parsnip crisps, like what you get in Co Op at Christmas time

Seem to have had about ten minutes of moderate rain here just now, with one flash of lightning and clap of thunder. Very concise storm.


I farted shortly after four o’clock and it’s not gone away yet. In my third building and can’t shake the eggy cloud.


Got a cannelloni in the oven, a sweet stout in a glass and a day off tomorrow. Yay!


Are you sure it was a fart


Daily pack - Aldi sweet chilli lentil curls
Weekly pack - M&S black pepper combo mix
Yearly pack - M&S Xmas vegetable crisps


Strong choices here but I am unaware of Christmas crisps


I ruined my tofu for dinner so that was good. Normal afternoon of barely holding on. Had an hour and a half of play doh play which was a sensory nightmare for me (hate the smell, hate the feel, hate the way your hands feel after touching it) but I did get R in hysterics with a gag of using black play doh in the bread slice mold and presenting it to him saying that I’d burnt my toast.



Chuffed to get offered a job I interviewed for last week and they’re super desperate for me to accept. Means that I’ll no longer be unemployed, and I can push them for a wee bit more money.

Also, I haggled the mortgage people down so our monthly payment goes down by about £200 a month.

ALSO also, I finally got some of those chilli and cheese M&S hot cross buns. What a fucking delight they are.

Great day.


liked for the last bit :slight_smile:

reminds me of my dad once coming in with a scrunched up bit of malt loaf when my friend had come over once, saying “Have you SEEN what that dog has done in the garden?” and getting very faux-peeved before angrily eating it to my friend’s aghast horror and amusement