Monday Eve, innit

Dunno what’s for dinner. Might run. Maybe.


Stuck on a train with no driver. Of course.

Watching Escape from Eric Island


Now’s your time to shine Warney!


I’m on a train too. Thankfully mine does have a driver. I’m eating sushi and pineapple for tea and neglecting to do all the work I’d planned to which means I’ll be doing it at midnight instead.

Making some curried oven potatoes & fish

Got to pack tonight to be on a train to [redacted] at 8am for a couple of days of meetings out of the country. Hope my hotel is as nice as it looks on their site.

Hope I can get some sleep too & that a 7 hour train journey is not a total pain

think it’s burritos and masterchef tonight. feel like i’ve descended into self-parody at this point.


Feel shiiiiiiiit so I’m having a bath then going to bed with my Switch/Kindle/etc like a grown up.

n.b. not in an “adult” way

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listening to a pop-punk playlist and being made carbonara isn’t it

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Scampi, new potatoes and thanks to @fappable, roasted carrots as I’ve been hankering em all day

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Oh yikes… I was lucky enough to get the 1535 today

Evening all. Vegetable chow mein tonight. Not bad. Might have some chocolate. Fancy some cheese puffs

put on a pound in a week despite quitting the booze, eating healthy, going to the gym etc.

fucking hell.

dunno, might go to the gym and be angry there or something.

got a stomach bug

RIP me this is how it ends

Feel like crying for some reason

Pizza and worrying

Having a swift pint before going to the Wales game. Bit wet, ngl.

Hacked off at my housemate for no particular reason. Sick of living with people. Need to pack away last of my stuff. Fuck monday

You’re not having much luck with the ol’ guts these days, are you?

Have Sleazy’s starting doing pub crabs or something?