Monday eve, the day is nearly done


What’s happening fellow forumites

Salmon pasta for dins. Did you know lays has a creamy Forest mushroom crisp flavour?

Gonna attempt to cook something. Hope I don’t slice the other finger off


En route to Self Esteem, gonna be there for doors open which is a bit much imho but hey, not gonna argue with the driver

Not feeling great so still in bed. Will need to charge my phone soon though and my cable isn’t long enough to reach a socket and still be usable when I’m in bed

hope your parents are doing as well as possible froglet

  • Today was shite and I couldn’t be arsed
  • Today was alright
  • Today was good

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You bought the rights to a stock photo and then just post the same one every night? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Did pizza pasta bake for dins

Just about to try making some pancakes in the omlette maker…

Watching telly and that - I’ll be pretending to not be interested in the new series of Married At First Sight

This is getting like @aboynamedgoo’s lockdown skylines

You need a tagline to go with it


Yeah bought it from SpagettyImages.


Yknow what’s really good for risotto? Using the rind off a parmesan wedge to infuse in the stock. Extra decadent


Another bowl of chilli for dinner. A bit of online gaming later, followed by Last of Us episode. Really need to sort out some boxes for the recycling tomorrow but the sofa is hard to beat right now.

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Use this move for lasagne too (then tend to just eat the rind once it’s soft enough)

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Interested to hear how the pancakes turnout, you putting anything into the mixture or doing toppings after?

Did you Nagasaki Swim?

Yeah, was in a bunch of other things in a row so didn’t pull out any specific thoughts - but was definitely enjoyable

But will get more spins later in the week

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Nah, just chuck some biscoff spread on afterwards as per usual

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Tired, as always. Had moussaka and chips for tea. More King Of The Hill and sitting down now.

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