Monday eve


Back down to earth with a bump today. Got rained on on my cycle home too.

Not sure what to do for tea.

Speed ate a boring noodle veg pot, but worth it as going for nice beer and probably frickles imminently

Then … the big one!


Alright. Nice storm overhead earlier. And had a nice trip to the sea

Making (well cooking) fish, air fried pots and veg for tea and listening to Diet Cig.


Two big life lessons just

  1. Don’t clean, I managed to stain a t-shirt with bleach
  2. Leave the house each day no matter the weather, I got treated to seeing the local floofy samoyed staring at squirrels in the tree. A highlight of the day

Sat in paphos airport waiting to go home. Sad


Sat in Tenerife airport waiting to go home. Sad

Flight’s delayed too


Going to the gym isn’t it.

Need to make some brownies either this evening or tomorrow morning but have a feeling the electric whisk might wake the kiddo up. Might need to do it in the utility room :nail_care:


Current mood

Tired Skull GIF by kinjiro


Tried to get some cash out to give to my nephew for his birthday, but the cash machine didn’t like my card. Went to another machine, and that didn’t like card either. I guess my card’s dead then. Just ordered a new one on the HSBC app, and they’ll get around to sending one in four to ten days. Er, cheers HSBC - let’s hope I don’t have to buy anything in that time :grimacing:

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Hello sugars

Jacket potato for dinner
Quick whizz to the shop to buy some ice cream

Going to watch some telly now and maybe a bit of left over crumble later

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On a card related note, I am consistently baffled by the folk who panic when they have to insert their card in my whisky/gift shop. “I can’t remember the PIN,” they say, and look it up on their phone or pull out a wee list from their pocket. Now yeah, you have to spend more than £100 to require a PIN check instead of contactless, but a) I have to enter my PIN maybe one time in 6 anyway, and b) my weekly shop is over £100 at least twice a month and I live alone. Don’t get how people aren’t in that situation more often, ultimately

Perhaps this is related to that online shopping thing I know exists but have no part of


have no idea what the pin is on my credit card. use it so rarely that I’m fucked when I’m eventually prompted to enter it.

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obviously the night for banking chat, so let me tell you I’ve just switched my current account, a mere 31 years after I opened it. Feel very grown up.

reckon it’d be too upsetting to change banks. do you get to keep the same bank number?

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What flavour crumble we talking? Been craving a rhubarb one recently

it is weird, feel quite off centre now. Been toying with it for ages, but was finally pushed over the edge by the AA wanting to charge us £35 a month for a service that wasn’t as good as the one that was bundled with the account. Also jumped up loads of places in this league (gone to Nationwide from Lloyds)


Thought seriously about it a few years back but then realised I couldn’t be fucked with all the admin of changing details at work, direct debits, etc

Apple and pear as that’s what I had

Almost put some frozen berries in but the kids would moan


Old people on game shows love bringing up how old they are