Monday, evenin’

How are you all? Parents have been doing funeral prep. I finally got to a point where I’m happy with my speech.

More importantly: Look at this tea towel we found next door:


That’s a good one!!

I am watching Neighbours as am alone in the house. Jane is back!

Bought some tests home to mark but the likelihood of doing that is pretty low tbh.

Jane Mangel??

Got home earlier than expected.

Off out to eat some Turkish food in a Turkish restaurant with a person who isn’t at all Turkish.

A van drove into me and then I got pushed forward into another van and now my car is gone. I think I’m going to have to let the recovery people crush it and buy a replacement car.

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Are there any Black Friday deals?

Shit! I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?

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I’m ok. The other cars had bumpers with some bumps. I think cause I’m notavan mine came out worse. The back was smushed in on the corner so some metal was rubbing against the wheel. The gear box is broken though which costs more than the car apparently. The man who towed me away said he’d just get a new car and he sees a lot of crashes so I trust him.

Thanks I’m fine. I thought my wrist hurt but it doesn’t.


Yes! Plain Jane Super Brain

Take care of yourself. Took me 3 or 4 days to get back on an even keel after I was driven into last year.

Surely know one left in Neighbours would even remember her?

It must be pushing 30 years since she left.

haven’t seen any on cars :grimacing:

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At the cinema, waiting through Christmas ads for Assassination Nation to start.

The urinals at this cinema have tiny screens on them advertising 4DX and unlimited cards. So weird.

Home from Taipei. House is freezing and can’t be arsed to cook, so heading to the chip shop for dinner. Lazy evening and unpack tomorrow I think.

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Home at a reasonable hour, making enchiladas with leftover chilli :yum: Probably gonna have to do a Jezza tonight and watch the big fixture on the laptop on mute

My other half is still well into Neighbours, and we’re in Melbourne for her birthday, so I’ve bought her a Neighbours tour as a present, and you get to meet a member of the cast. I think she’s holding out for Paul or Karl, but she’s be happy with Jane I reckon.


Well Paul is back too so there’s him. That’s it I think. :smile:

Good evening :vulcan_salute: Just getting under my winter blanket to start reading one of the books I picked up in the charity shop earlier. Need to take my mind off work, feeling a wee bit jangly. Tea will help.

Been Aldi earlier. £24 for the week’s shopping. Cooking a mushroom and leek risotto and a load of veggies to purée into baby mush. Meh