Monday Evening 20/05

Evening all. Sitting outside the gym trying to muster the energy to go in. Might go for a swim instead. Got my car MOTd and serviced and it cost a monkey. Still ridiculously full from my taco salad. Going to watch the GoT finale later even though I haven’t watched a single second of the rest of it.

What are you all up to folks?


Evenin laelfs, off to see John wick 3.

Are you taking your dad? (Was it you who went to see one of the others with their dad?)

Evening laelfy, DiS! Somehow I have not managed to see one episode of the final season of GoT, I guess I’ll binge them all one day in a row. Ironically, have not heard or seen any spoilers guess that’s the beauty of not having cable?

WFH Still. I’ve listened to the following today:

Tom Waits ‘Closing Time’
Tom Waits ‘Blue Valentines’
New Order ‘Power Corruption and Lies’
Joy Division ‘Closer’

currently on The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’. Fucking hell what an album.

Have fun swimming!


Evening! R is 12 today (!) so we are off to pizza hut when he gets back from piano lesson.

Might have a glass of wine to ease the hut experience.

Then it is GofT finale and to bed.

Anyone got experience with water/swimming phobia who can offer advice (for a boy I work with) ?

doing nothing tonight

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happy birthday R!

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My wife is back in the country hooray!

final of thrones, big bean stew. Ahwooo


Running then GoT then bed

How was lunch/drinks on Saturday laelfs?

Going with an ATD.
:thinking: don’t think so.

In my hotel in Birmingham. Got a Tim Hortons meal deal and some wanker beers, watching Game of Thrones right now.

Off out after this to see Avengers again. Was going to wait a little longer to rewatch it but the Cineworld here is doing 2D IMAX and I couldn’t resist.

Evening Laelfy, all.

What follows might be considered distressing to some. @Gnometorious has decided that we are not watching Game of Thrones tonight. We can’t watch it tomorrow as we’re at some Fleetwood Mac cover thing or something and, these are her words, not mine, I can’t stress that enough, We could watch it "on Wednesday or Friday. I know for a fact too, from other words I can’t remember verbatim right now, that her preference is to watch it on Friday. A new level of furious umbrage has been reached.

  • M4, Friday’s only like, 4 days away.
  • you never talk to anyone anyway, who’s going to spoil it for you?
  • You can’t un-overhear spoilers in the office.
  • Come now, @gnometorious, it’s the 4th anniversary of your engagement, enjoy a bottle of fizz and share in this huge cultural event.
  • those few glasses of 10% wine you had yesterday won’t even count as drinking.
  • Mackerel frittata ooooh and add peas
  • Mixed responses mean it’s probably not even worth watching anyway.
  • You’re going to get me kicked out of the group chat! :sob:

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Was dinner/drinks - was good thanks. All the best dissers made it :slightly_smiling_face:



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I even did the washing up while she was out seeing her EF, so that we could spend the evening staring at a screen together.

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Trying to pick somewhere nice in Edinburgh to go for post-marathon feed with my parents on Sunday

Would be a massive risk to try and chance Dishoom wouldn’t it

eating some za
waiting for my flatmate to return so we can watch got

Last episode of Lucifer for me tonight. GoT what?

Evenin all

Baking burger buns. Started too late meaning I’ll have a late dinner. Oh well