Monday Evening 20/05

I have a barber appointment at 8pm.

  • Perfectly normal time to have a haircut
  • It’s some sort of drug trafficking scam, don’t do it

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Does anyone have any experience with banking fraud?
I am really worried about my brother.
Yesterday my cousin messaged me asking me for a ‘small favour’
I said, sure, I’d help if I could, then received this message -
‘I’m needing to pay some bills but my online banking is down… if I give you the sort and account number will you pay it for me? It’s for £745 and I’ll pay back tomorrow with an extra £30 if that’s ok’

:alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock: rang for me immediately.
I replied ‘Cuz, I don’t have £745 :rofl:’ then asked him who Oldie is to test if it was really Cuz.
No response, I head over to the extended family group chat, and it’s suddenly blowing up with messages cos we’ve all received the same thing and we’re all saying he’s been hacked except my absolute sweetheart eldest brother who say’s HE FUCKING PAID THE MONEY STRAIGHT AWAY. The utter plum :frowning: He REALLY cannot afford to lose any money at all let alone that sum.
Please reassure me that he’ll be able to get his money back?
I am gutted for him :sob:


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Had a very long day so we’re having steak and eggs for tea before I have to do some more chores etc. Feeling tired and achey and very run down tbh mates.

That’s not good. Could your oldest brother call his bank immediately or put a hold on payment? I’ve had my card hacked numerous times as I travel a decent amount for work. Banks are pretty good these days of reimbursing money they feel can be from fraudulent transactions. I would keep all the texts and correspondence’s and head straight into the bank tomorrow or talk to a customer representative tonight explaining your situation.


Whoops sorry that was meant for gnomey. :frowning:

Did he do it via debit or credit card?

Also goes without saying report as a criminal offence and get a crime ref number


Evening dinner number of Stuffs given? Precisely none.image


Had a cracking day with kiddo. Doing some pasta primavera thing for tea. Having a few beers. Off to Bristol tomorrow with the kiddo


Enjoying the token two bits of green :smile:

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Evening folks. Tonight I’m off to see Primal
Scream (capacity about 350). Last time I saw them down here it was at the Brighton Centre (capacity 50 squillion). It’s gonna be more fun than than is legal on Monday night.

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Hey all, hope you have a nice evening!

I am about to wander down to The Cluny for Jason Lytle, expecting to feel all the emotions and enjoy a pint of Hickey the Rake.

Last bit of interview prep. Just getting more and more anxious to the point where I feel like I need to learn various pieces of legislation word for word even though I know it’s highly unlikely they’d ask for more than an overview.

Really wish there was just one thing about this job that wasn’t ideal, so I could be a little more relaxed.

absolutely love it when spanish people call ‘ham’, ‘jam’ because ham in spanish is ‘jamon’.


Cheesey garlic bread? Be still my beating heart.

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At least there’s the final episode of Ghosts later to give me half an hour of not feeling like hell.

like one of my students said ‘we had a picnic and took some slices of jam and bread to the beach’.

fucking wankers.

Not sure. He reported it straight away though. I’ve messaged asking for an update but not heard back.

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I’m on my diet now, gonna get fit and sexy in no time