Monday evening, again.

Hi. How’s your night going? What are your plans?

I’m in a bit of a rut tbh. Feel exhausted and getting through days is challenging. I was going to make saag paneer but I frankly couldn’t be arsed with the washing up more than anything. Maybe tomorrow. Instead I’ve ordered a Chinese. Haven’t had one of them since Saturday.

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in a bit of a rut dinner wise. can’t think of anything i want to eat these days that’s vaguely healthy.

i’m having meatballs.

What with?

this low carb pasta that i haven’t tried before. probs gonna be shit but oh well.

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Meatballs aren’t unhealthy.

Cook up a load of veg to go with them.


Alright. Dread city over here about work tomorrow. Which is weird as I’m off for just over a week after tomorrow. Think it’s a change in management cover that’s causing it and adjusting to different expectations.

Been out in the garden with the strimmer for the first time since early may :grimacing:. That was long. Lazy tea I think as neither of us can be cba to cook and it’s 7.35 already

might go outside and do some gardening

also listened to Beastie Boys - Sabotage 3 times. Rare for a song to be both simultaneously exciting and boring

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Evening all. Feeling a bit blue for a combination of minor reasons:

  • I was hoping to get loads done at work today but it just didn’t happen
  • a customer made a complaint about me at work. It’s unfounded but it’s still not pleasant - can’t think of a time in the last 15 years where that’s happened.
  • cricket result has really irked me. It’s not the defeat but that I feel like I’ve wasted a good chunk of the last five days following it.

On the plus side, some records showed up today so I’m going to listen to those while Mrs CCB is out.

picked up a shower curtain at some sorta homestore today. was the cheapest one but it came with hooks. then had a look at the premium shower curtain and thought ‘yeah, premium. i’m gonna buy a premium shower curtain’ and of course i get it home and it doesn’t come with hooks does it. just shows that it never pays to buy the more expensive thing.

gonna watch some curb and eat some dinner.

Where are you streaming Curb from please?

V had dinner at his friends which meant R chose dinner.

Of course he chose Dominoes…which was ‘fine’ but so £££ isn’t it?

Watching snooker, nothing much to report other than that.

Drinking a beer, watching Midsomer Murders. Had jacket potatoes for tea. Long day at work and I’m tired now. That’s about it.

the eccentric schoolmaster who lives in the castle did it

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Not this time! It was the quiet woman who loves God.

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is it the good detective or the shit one?

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The good one, never watch the newer ones cause itsnot the same.

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Tbf I did once buy the cheapest shower curtain I could find and it smelled like a beach ball, so you might have done yourself a favour

beach ball smell… have to make a second trip… :roll_eyes:

Look at this a lot. Is it worth it??