Monday evening bet this title has already been done thread


Hey friends.
Bet someone is already going to make this and pip me to it. Had a very eventful day, been to the hospital twice (both times for other people who are fine, in fact one of them just badly burnt her mouth on her lunch and was essentially prescribed paracetamol and an ice pop, the idiot), viewed a flat that smelt AWFUL, had the most amazing customer service in m&s that nearly made me cry and witnessed a man in the hotel opposite where I live be naked and do rude things again, he did the same last night so I had to call them and complain, horrible so and so.

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I got shat on by a bird on the way home. If I was @Scunner I could probably carve a POTW out of the story but no, it was just a little circle of bird crap on the arm of my suit jacket.


I had to clean bird shit off a toy house today.




A lot of bird poo chat going on ITT
Not the direction I was hoping for


hey kermitwormit, sounds like an eventful day

I’ve been sitting around doing fuck all waiting for a job to come through which hasn’t. shoulda worked on something else but obviously didn’t bother

will be watching the dragon thing at some point I guess

no bird shit for me


:sob: I’m so so tired but I have to go to leaving drinks after work and then to a campaign meeting and won’t get home to dinner/ GoT till after 10


Sorry Kermo

In answer to your question: I’m otherwise good, thanks!

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Good evening Kermo. I’ve had a nice, low key day. Did some jobs around the house, got a bunch of washing done and had some nice sausages for tea. Trying to plan out a weight loss regime now and avoid the ice cream in the freezer.

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Oh lovely I’m sorry. It’ll all work out x
Maybe try and stand under some birds so they do poo on you? Meant to be good luck isn’t it

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Doesn’t sound very lucky tbh.


Sold a load of things on eBay so now have to spend the evening wrapping them


Then going to carry on watching dead to me, 4/5 so far


Sounds like a lovely day!
You can get low calorie ice cream can’t you? Halo something? Annoyingly I think it’s well expensive even when on offer

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I’m immediately distrustful of anything ‘low calorie’ or ‘diet’ tbh. I’m going to stay off the booze, stop eating and snacking after dinner and do more exercise for a while, see how that goes.


Evening all. Had some posh sausages and eggs for tea. There’s definitely something in the air at the moment cause some birds have had an absolute furious case of the epimers all over my car.

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Come join us in the healthy living thread, it’s gone a bit quiet.


Been in oxford all day looking at bits of land.

Accommodation budget only stretched to a depressing Travelodge by an A-road. My colleague decided to walk (30-40 minutes) into the city centre but I’m pretty exhausted and want to watch GoT, so I’m currently eating a mediocre pizza in the bar here. Other customers: an elderly couple and a bunch of lads lads lads TV is showing Emmerdale. What a night. What. A. Night. To think, I almost went to Brewdog instead.


Evening kermyworm all.

Just having some scampi and salad. Had a headache all afternoon, wondering if it’s related to my relatively new contact lenses.



About 3 years ago I was walking to work and a bird shat directly into my mouth #ashleyyoung