Monday evening Distraction

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Going to post progressively worse songs in here until we get an evening thread flowing

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Hey Ruffers :wave:

I have nothing interesting to contribute. In bed feeling a bit off :confused: Going to try and find something to watch and drink my tea.


You can listen, if you’d like.


At work. Having the worst hangover off all time so you all don’t have to. #noble #takingthebullet

Bless your hearts, was truly struggling to find a worse song than life is a rollercoaster.

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Just having 5 (five) bourbon biscuits (the best everyday cheap biscuit) and a cup of cardamom and cinnamon tea. Rock and roll. A bacon bagel for tea as well

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I was supposed to think about what my personality is like for my next therapy session tomorrow and I’ve left it to the last minute. Is procrastination a personality trait?

I asked my boyfriend and he said I was reserved and introverted (aren’t those basically the same?) and that my personality is “cats and knitting”, which are interests, not personality traits. :upside_down_face:

I’m going to have one of those nightmares tonight about being in an exam I haven’t revised for, aren’t I

I would describe your personality as: yes


anyone had any issued with their belly buttons?

mine just started to feel a bit painful and I’m wondering what to do, if it might be infected or something

Had this extremely good Anna Jones traybake for dinner :+1:

Made up for an otherwise unremarkable day


Hi friends

I’m at the pub because I’m in holiday mode now. Im four (4) pints in, with no dinner. This is fine. One more and I’ll go home. I need to write a conference workshop tomorrow laughs manically

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Just reminded me I had one of these last night, although it’s always about half a year’s worth of coursework that I haven’t done rather than an exam

Really difficult to walk up a hill as well, have to go up it backwards

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Forgot to add i’m drunk as hell


Come back from Primavera an absolute shell/husk of a human, days of late nights, sunshine and drinking, followed by a 14 hour journey back overnight have near killed me.

My own fault of course, so reserve your sympathy for others.

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17 posts for an evening thread must be a new low.

Did an approx 12hr day today probs same tomorrow cba.

how about 19 but 6 of them are me


Make it 25 but five are @NeilYoung posting songs after everyone’s gone to bed and you got a deal.