Monday evening, evening

Good evening

I did not have a very good day. I’m now away to buy a drum Machine which might make me feel better. I should also go to a pub quiz tonight but I really want to make a chorizo stew



hello pinky brain; friends

I’ve hurt my back, I’m going watching melt banana, I’m drinking a cider, I plan to eat burrito

Reading The Sellout by Paul Beatty.

Had a chilled day, largely dozing. Might have a burger for dinner.

i’ve got to go to the gym tonight but still feeling fragile from the many naughty things I did over the weekend. dunno mates.

I enjoyed my bruschetta so much yesterday I’m having it again tonight. I’m an adult and I can do what I want.


Hi PinkyB and everyone,

I’m still on the sofa under a sleeping bag with a hot water bottle.
Want to go in to work tomorrow as I have my mid year review and I get so anxious about that stuff I just want to get it over and done with. Also have a haircut booked that I already had to cancel once and I feel v guilty cancelling twice.

Been doing a bit of reading and staring at the YouTube fire for the last 4 hours.

This post is quite boring.

Well done for getting through Monday, pals!


Tomorrow I’ve got an all day training course with a team meeting over lunch break, a glimpse of post Brexit working conditions

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On a train home to Newcastle after a lovely long weekend in Manchester. Saw my gran, saw Self Esteem, drank a lot, ate a lot of pizza, saw a fun 1960s martial arts film, saw Shaun the Sheep, saw a play. I am now broke until the end of the month.

Really hungry right now, we’d just ordered grilled cheeses from a place outside Piccadilly when I realised my train was actually from Victoria and also quite soon, so I had to run off before mine was ready :frowning:

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  • I’m confident in my semi colon usage
  • I stay away from semi colons because I fear them
  • I sometimes use a semi colon despite not knowing how to

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Should be illegal. Isn’t it illegal?!

Just had one of those choose your toppings pizza from Asda and it was bland

Think it is, might whistle blow


Ditched a meeting when I was wfh once that was over lunch time. The invite said “feel free to bring your lunch!”. No no no


posted this in the band thread but gonna post it here too
is our new song good

not fishing, genuinely can’t decide


Should’ve got a really crunchy bag of crisps and slowly eaten them, would’ve sounded great over video link

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I love The Sellout.

I bought Wor Lass the audio book last year and had a great time remembering bits I’d forgotten as we drove round town.

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Who are you blaming here? 50/50?

Done nothing today other than clean the kitchen. Think I’ll find out at some point this week if I have another session job that’ll keep me busy from November through to the start of Feb, hopefully that all comes together but if not it’s cool.

Recording tomorrow, quite excited as it’s the band I’m in with my housemates ooooooooh

I’m starting to feel better. My appetite started coming back around 4.00 and I’ve a grown up tea of beans on toast. I also played some Metal Gear Solid.