Monday evening feat. pizza

I’m having pizza from sainsbos. Trying to use up food so I can replace it with more salads and that lol.

Ngl I am ridic excited. Got the sainsbos dip too which is basically a carbon copy of the dommos dip.

The fella off flog it is cute. Jonathan Pratt.

Went out earlier for 2 extremely specific purchases and got them both successfully (retinol face cream and taro bubble tea) and then about 5 minutes fter I got back home the sun left and it started to rain heavily, felt really smug about that


Omg same!!! Went to the shop and when I got home it absolutely wetted it down!

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Left it in maybe a minute too long


I have just had boring beige dinner with the SHITHOUSE “chorizo” and “red pepper” Linda Macs “sausages” because I couldn’t be arsed making anything else.

Dunno what to do now. Too much choice.


Have a wine. Fuck @aboynamedgoo

This is part of the same statement not two different statements :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Hey hey


I really hope that train isn’t moving.

It was

Migraine came on the second I left work, just got my vision back in the last few minutes. Doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be a massive one but my plans of walking and yogaing are up in flames. Netflix evening it is.

Pls deliver pizza to me tilts

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For me I’d have to say rosemary and red onion > Lincolnshire > plain > Raditude > red pepper and chorizo


This is a niche joke

Ron is back from the vet (phew!) He’s high as balls and five teeth short, the poor bugger! He just keeps rubbing himself against the cupboard where we keep his food, so it’s nice to know who he’s missed while he’s been out :smile:

Got tomorrow off though to get my hair done for the first time since March as well, so that’s quite exciting! Might have a wine.


This joke is the basis of this entire community


Two weeks in a row? Standards are slipping.



I had aubergine spaghetti

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Gonna walk and figure out if I want to watch Ghost again

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