Monday evening I suppose

Just watching a gorgeous sunset.

Photo as always doesn’t do it justice.


Yeah evening. Dunno what do, guess i should read my book

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watching Memoria

it is very boring. Not sure I like Tilda Swinton

Tempted to go to Sainsbo’s later to get Halloween/Xmas treats, not got any yet

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Misery pasta for tea.

Shopping being delivered in a bit. Did an Ocado order for the first time in aaaages because they sent a £20 off £60 voucher through. Forgot to add the code though didn’t we :upside_down_face:

It looked like this here


Currently sat in a hotel room. Had a big meeting this morning and it went okay I guess but I can’t help but major on the things I thought went badly. Hey-ho, it’s over now.

Feeling a bit shakey about things out of my control. Evening

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Looked like this here

Started the day really stressed about the amount of work I have on but it’s actually been productive, now going for a quick drink with friends who just moved onto the street.


Sending love mate xx

Evening all!

We went swimming this afternoon and then I had a bath at home.

When I was dressed afterwards, Wor Lass had invited her new Zimbabwean friend from round the corner and her kids so we’ve been playing board games since 3.30. Her friend is really competitive so it was nice to take fully dominate everyone on the general knowledge game.

We had sausagey potatoes for tea and it was very good.

Somehow I’m responsible for bedtime again so I’m doing that now.



Had tomato soup. Want something sweet now but not much in except the lidl version of a mint aero which tastes too fake. Probably gonna eat it like.

Got a lovely wee dreamboat heading over to see me tonight :relaxed:

Might stick Cracker on again.


Evening all

Was going to work late tonight but on something that should be enjoyable, but was feeling a bit Monday blues-y and like I was forcing myself.

So now i’m staring down the barrel of a cosy night at home, fish and chips supper, probably play Yakuza 0 and watch some stuff and have a read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just saw Decision to Leave, not as good as I was hoping it would be - but decent enough. Also realised I’ve not been a member of my fav cinemas for no reason - such decent value for money! Silly me

Might hit a bar to finish my book now

Had chilli for tea and ordered a new washer dryer and that’s about it for Monday.

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Getting bar chilli myself


Evening DiS

Fish cake and oven chips for dinner. I’ve put the bins out, and the milk bottles, now I’m kicking back on the sofa listening to some tunes

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Got myself into a bit of a panic (weird thing to panic about) wondering how to make friends. I spotted a pub quiz team and it made me sad that all my friends live far away, and I just feel like my life could suck a lot less than it currently does

but also I’m quite anxious so I guess I want my cake and to eat it n all

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Christ, evening threads are quiet recently :disappointed:


I’m too busy pressing refresh in the politics threads looking out for the next government fuckup