Monday evening is here again

Post about your evenings here

My partner’s parents just rang

They’re on a cruise, in the middle of winter, and were complaining that the sea is rough - who could have foreseen that?


Pizza for dinner. Sainsbury’s finest (bought from our local Shoprite). Had to have a pre-dinner snack though so inhaled a cathedral city cracker snack pack with branston’s pickle. How good is branston’s pickle?

Got a headache, but they’re par for the course these days. Bath in a bit.

9 degrees here!

My sinuses hurt a lot.

Would anyone like to hear what else I bought from the shop?


Just sorting out the Sainsbo’s Xmas order out and then will be doing carbonara for tea shortly.

Not much happening really. Find a film or something to watch afterwards.

Of course!

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Salted Caramel Baileys profiteroles
2x cheesestrings
Radio Times mag
Big Issue mag
mozzarella sticks
cheese and cranberry bites
pink lady apples
waffles with salted caramel sauce


Evening @froglet et al

Currently on a train to Stoke. Train is nice; M&S part-misery dinner was fine; would rather not be away for work six days before Christmas. Feels like I’m in the early stages of a bad Christmas film plot.


Just started work innit. 12hr Nightshift. Yay!

Off achieving a little bit of present shopping, about time

Tried to get about 6 different people interested to go see Gremlins at the cinema but everyone is some combo of out of town/sick/facing expensive house or car issues - it’s a no go!

Gonna take myself for a silly beer and read soon and decide if I cba going solo or just slink back home to the sofa

Wow. Need these in my life. From where??


Well I got them from Shoprite which is only a local place but I’ll find out where does em on the mainland x

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Evening lovelies

Tipping down outside so going to watch some telly (think we are going Grinch) and drink some wine. Once R has finished Red Deading on the telly. :cowboy_hat_face:

Had some nose spray stuff which has magically cleared my blocked head…hoorah!


Tesco, Asda and Iceland all seem to do them :slight_smile:

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gonna bake a cake

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Wha cake

got loads of apples. apple cake


Been to the Dartmouth Supermarket Triangle and spent a lot of money on festive treats. Had a very very busy day at the beer factory also. Really would like to lie down now but my parents and sister are coming over tomorrow for a buffet so there’s tidying and that to be done first :frowning:

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Omg same

Might do cinnamon buttered apples though

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I’m mostly just making this to take into work so other people eat the contents of my fridge btw