monday evening is upon us once again

good lord i cannot be arsed today. think i reached new levels of cba.

how are you? what’s for tea? anything on your tellybox tonight? etc.

think it’s crab linguine tonight, so delicious tbf.


Just had salmon and spinach spaghetti. Not a huge salmon fan but it was decent.

Very muggy today but had a lot of garden fun with the bairns. Just hoping to get them both in bed without too much drama so that I can enjoy more football and the wife can relax in front of love Island.

Not much happening in this game currently so might use this lull to empty and fill the dishwasher. Thrillaminute here I tells ya.


Sore throat. Doesn’t appear to be the 'rona though.

Linda Maccas “”“pork”"" burgers, sweetcorn.



not even fortnite? those pork burgers any good?

That gets played handheld, one Switch per player. The burgers are excellent, but my veteran veggie pal can’t stomach them because they’re too close to the real thing.

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Fine thanks

Had dinner at lunch so probably just some toast, absolutely convinced I have gestational diabetes based on absolutely nothing so I sort of feel I can’t eat the pasta I’m craving :weary:

THPS on the Switch obvs

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  • playing switch tonight
  • not

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  • eating pasta tonight
  • not

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argrrghhghghg these pollssss

Hey :wave:

I’m okay thanks. Was in Cambridge for a meeting, which went well (even though I was nervous). And the couple of calamities I was worried about never materialised.

Dinner is spaghetti something, either Jack Monroe or Bosh, I can’t remember.

And I might watch some Parks and Rec just for a change!

Missed a goal.

Really tired. Think I need to knock heavy Saturdays on the head because I’m just up all Sunday night with anxiety afterwards.

Caponata and sea bass :kissing_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand:

Dunno – we will probably end up with Love Island on unless I can think of a better suggestion

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you and me both, pal

i’m declaring this a chill week

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Was thinking the other day that I don’t think I’ve played my switch for months and months. Only games that have grabbed me on it are zelda and the dark souls remake.

:wave: hiya

CBA too tbh. Tired, mild levels of stress from fuck all. Need some quiet time I think.

[quote=“ericVII, post:1, topic:59210”] what’s for tea?
Some Harrisa beetroot and leek and grain thing :man_shrugging: sure it’ll be ok

[quote=“ericVII, post:1, topic:59210”] anything on your tellybox tonight?

Footyball and THPS

:unamused: :sleeping:

Ah fuck off you bollocks quotes :angry:


Spag Bol for dinner, so that’s +1 for pasta

No plans for later, isn’t there thunder due at some point? Or is that tomorrow?

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omg i think it’s pasta night again, i knew this would happen someday

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we won

Not too bad, thanks. Been bored off my rocker all day though - I think 8 weeks off work is finally getting to me, especially when the weather is a washout.

Had emergency pizzas + garlic bread


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Hi Eric!

I am good good. Thanks!

Tea is Jacky Ps with cheese. Kids have got potato waffles and fake chicken burgers

Football on the telly

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more football?! god, aren’t they bored of it yet?

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Hey. Good day. Quiet work, got a sweaty bike in at lunch (got rained on a bit but it was fine), got a bit of a stew new track cooking (it’s been a while since inspiration has come)

Just having a worktop beer with Haim

Had (leftover) pasta for lunch and it’s Monday so I’m having pizza for tea (what an I-Talion day) and D&D for entertainment

Will probably watch the Tour highlights after D&D with a cup of tea and some chocolate