Monday evening is upon us.

I’ve never started an evening thread. How are we all?

Left over roast fried up for dinner. Might have a few beers and watch something. Need a good new murder / detective thing to watch. Any ideas?

Edit - also pricing up self storage as my ex has sold her house and is soon to move in with her new partner. She has loads of furniture of mine and I have no room for it currently. Great!!


Hey man

Walking back into work to pick up a pizza for tea. Got some beer for later and going to stay up a bit late catching up on stuff from the weekend


All bets off today


Save at least one for the morning surely?

I’ve got a hotel buffet breakfast tomorrow, there simply won’t be room. (I’ll have three max cos they’re sweet af)


Feel like barely sentient detritus so having a revert-to-tradition daft meal of birdseye potato waffles, baked beans, and whatever veg I have that needs using (I think broccoli, mushrooms, celery, cucumber, some olives).

(Originally posted in the ‘PUT IT IN MY SOUP’ thread, encapsulating how crap my brain is today).




whilst cooking your dinner are you singing the birds eye potato waffles advert tune to yourself?

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Just found an Instagram account of an artist who is basically copying another artist. Makes me so angry :angry: for some reason I get as angry as if it were my work.

Anyway, I’ve had tomato soup with a smorgasbord of dunkers…onion bhaji, buttered bread, garlic bread. Superb using up of things in the freezer I didn’t know I had.


Evening RR and the rest of DiS

All is fine here. I feel like my productivity has been a bit poor today, but then there was nothing urgent I didn’t get done.

Could use a nap tbh!

So I don’t know what exact time my hellofresh delivery will be coming… Could be any time between 5-9pm which means a) remain hungry and hold out for it so you can make something or b) just write tonight off and have something from your fridge beforehand.

I suppose b is sensible as it will mean getting through some stuff and freeing up fridge space.

Why am I single remind me?

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hold out until bedtime. No good will come of a nap at this point.

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some pretty amazing stuff going on in mid wales. Fairplay to the rescue teams. 48hrs and counting.

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Summer slacker vibes

Hi everyone

Still working but winding down. Chorizo stew tonight, some telly and an early night because I was awake for half of last night.

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Had the exact same experience yesterday, someone copying j.drw. Exact same style and thousands of likes from oblivious people. What’s the point? Think they’d even made their username look similar in its formatting as well.

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Hello. Had a pretty relaxed day not at work. Halfway through rewatching the Year In The Life Gilmore Girls and had forgotten that it’s mainly not good. Had party food for tea. Back to work tomorrow so an early night I reckon.

This is how I’m picturing your evening Funky. And it looks splendid.


I would never have that many friends. How vulgar.


Especially the prick with a guitar who’s been harassing everyone for an hour because he wants to play his Ed Sheeran cover.