Monday evening monday evening

Or close enough

How are your evenings going?

Mainly started this thread so I had a place to ask if anyone knows how much it costs to have stuff delivered from the EU these days. I want to order some fabric and clothing from germany and I think if it’s over £135 I have to pay extra fees or taxes or whatever but it seems complicated to find out how much that will cost. Government website just says “call the helpline” - fuck off. I just want to know if I’m going to bankrupt myself if I go over £135

Going to have some boiled rice and soy sauce as a special treat. First meal since Saturday dinner, and I’m not sure that one counts given how thoroughly I threw it up later that evening.

Get well soon


Think I lost a jacket on the way to work this message morning :frowning:

Just woken up from a nice long sofa nap. Just in time to take my antibiotics which I can only have on an empty stomach. This gives me an hour to decide what to have for dinner though so, win win?

Evening all :wave:

I’m currently on my way back from Stoke. We shall see whether Cross Country Trains deliver me on time to Ely station for my onward connection or not. I’d say my chances are c.40%.


Fucking knackered lads. A combination of being out in the sun yesterday, not really sleeping properly and a long work day has left me like a zombie. Making garlic & chilli prawns and noodles for tea then it might be bedtime.

Sitting in the park listening to filthy sexy tracks for Music League research - wish I brought my book, it’s very pleasant out here

Onion smash burgers and weird beer later

It’s really fucking complicated.

You’d have to pay VAT at 20% (unless charged by the retailer), plus a customs fee based on our current trade deal with the EU, plus an extra fee from whichever delivery company handles your stuff.

This site lets you look up the tarrifs if you’re able to accurately categorise what you’d be importing, but getting the right code makes a big difference.

Warning. That website is awful.


Channel 4 ae going to start showing Impractical Jokers


Fucking hell :sob: why are these all categorised differently? What if I want to order more than one type of fabric?

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I just used a can opener for the first time in months

Well if you will use your hand blender on it, I’m not sure what you expect to happen!

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Oh found it on a railing.

Good but slightly annoying as walked half way back earlier as thought I had it at the post office and it was like 2 mins past there.

I know. This stuff shouldn’t be this complicated.

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Evening all,

Slightly mushy vegetables and leftover burgers for tea this evening.

Best work pal is in Stockholm from tonight. Office will not be the same without them/ I won’t have the welcome distraction of their company tomorrow.

Plans for this evening: bath time, bedtime, dinner, film.

Any idea what film?