Monday evening monday evening

Great question.

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Heavy old day with governors and board directors today. Still, met a GBOL

Just in from picking the kids up from the in-laws. Takeaway for dinner I feel.


What are you getting?

If you know, if i spend under £135 am i totally safe from any mystery fees? Do i need to keep it under £135 including vat and shipping or just the cost of the goods needs to be under £135? Whose stupid idea was leaving the eu anyway? Ffs :sob:

Under £135 including shipping and VAT you should be, yeah. Under post Brexit rules, companies shipping into the UK from outside are responsible for handling the VAT if it’s under £135 in total and there’s no import tarrifs.

If it’s over £135 in total then the person importing is responsible for everything.

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Korean chicken
Beef in pepper sauce
Egg noodles
Special fried rice
Char sui bao buns
Duck spring rolls
Prawn crackers



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Went to yoga :man_in_lotus_position:
Had ready meal macaroni and cheese plus pleas and a whole garlic bread for tea

Already watched Succession at lunch so watching Sopranos, fast approaching the end

Picked up a little suitcase to use at Prima form Argos earlier :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

My anxiety has vanished thanks to the above and a couple of very hot showers

Salad, yesterday’s rice, slice of Saturday’s pizza for dinner. Suboptimal.
Watched Radiohead at Glasto 2017 earlier and it did something to my sad glands i think.
Went shopping after work with the kids and got in a right huff. Dropped £200 on stuff the kids largely needed, but then was told off for being frivolous wanting to buy two cute £2 paprika tins from TKMaxx.
Going to sit in a quiet room and play fortnite and listen to Depeche Mode like the well adjusted 43 year old i am.

Applying for a job at my old university and remembering how much I used to love the campus. Lots of trees, a big forest round the back - very in sync with my ideal environs


Guys guys they said uwu on University Challenge

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Evening, been sorting hotels out for next month but got sidetracked looking at the fancy ones. £500 a night! Hôtel Richer De Belleval, Montpellier – Updated 2023 Prices


Had a nice morning with my daughter. Went to a neighbour’s funeral this afternoon which was actually quite nice as far as funerals go. The last song was very gutsy. Then went and picked up some antibiotics for my tonsillitis.

Falling asleep here. Normal for 9:30pm at the moment tbh.

Went a nice walk with a pal. Just home. About to have my tea.

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Hurt my bastard foot again, doing nothing again. Another month of this and I swear I might seek a medical professional.


Just ate a bowl of leftover piccolo tomatoes that have been sitting in some dressing for a day and they’re were so good. Strangely I can’t stop sneezing now, but i think they’re just tiny tomato orgasms.

Oh no - is this the neighbour who went missing? That’s so sad

Found out today about hobby horses and how people do it competitively (which is good) and on tiktok loads of the comments under their videos are

“I’ve no problem with people who do hobby horse but it really annoys me when they say it’s harder than real horses”


Doing some handwriting practice to try and be more consistent with sizing and lose some of my habits such as looping d. As seen below, easier said than done :man_facepalming:

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