Monday evening now tho isn't it



Having a salad for tea. Really cba with that. Off tomorrow, so it’s my ‘friday’ night. Gonna have a couple of beers. Watching some vice trash on all 4 about psychoactive drugs.

Cooking soup (or a stew, it’s in the early staged yet so who knows!?!?)

Embracing and loving all things autumn


not really salad weather mate

think i might get some soup

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WR knows


I’m not in charge of dinner tonight. Tonight’s my baby night.

Hello, I’m in San Francisco now, trying to motivate myself to get up and out for the day, have had a shower and breakfast at least. Going to go do some touristy stuff then going to see a basketball game tonight. Will hopefully be more entertaining that the baseball. :pray:

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basketball is great, you’ll love it

what touristy stuff is on the agenda?

Reads like a Mark Kozelek lyric


we have yoga as an after school thing, and I ALMOST did the raven. So close

oven chips for tea, other than that nothing to report

I’m going walking in the peak district tomorrow so need to figure out how to go to bed early

that looks quite difficult

Get the cable car down to the water and then walk round the coast. Might take a look at the shops too as I’m starting to look a bit scruffy. Will gaze enviously at @ghostpony’s fancy hotel across the road.



I have no idea what any of this means - is it enough to mean I should go to the game early?

just tried again at home where I wasn’t worried I’d smash my face into a wooden floor in front of an audience of co-workers. NAILED IT (for 2 seconds :smile:)


Having my first foray into that vegan one tin cookbook with an aubergine thing.

Making…fucking hell can’t remember the name of it…its a grain but not quinoa…brb… Bulgur wheat.

Oh hi. I’m making currywurst for dinner and am going to drink a marzen because I’m too lazy to do a proper cook.

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Stephen Curry is one of the biggest basketball players.
A bobblehead is a figure which is popular in American sports memorabilia, the head section is on a spring or something so it ‘bobbles’ about.
If such a thing would not have personal value as a momento of your trip it may or may not have resale value.

Enjoy the game :basketball:


Had no idea Steph stood for Stephen. Dunno what I thought it stood for though.

Ate too much dinner on an already delicate stomach and now deeply regret all the decisions that led me to this point.