Monday Evening the 19th

Evening! Everyone staying cool out there?

WFH today just listening to a jazz classics spotify playlist at the moment. Contemplating having some adult beverages soon.

What’s everyone else up to this evening?

Just coming back from a Thai massage - I got beat the fuck up. Feeling pretty grand!

Some sort of veg pastry tart for dinner, maybe a refreshing cocktail, might grab 30 mins reading in the park


Hey @NeilYoung and the rest of DiS :wave:

It’s not actually too bad up in West Norfolk. 23C (low-mid 70s) with a gentle breeze. I’ve spent most of the last nine months working from home in two pairs of socks (plus sometimes slippers) so I’m not going to complain too much about the heat.

Evening plans are non-existent. Will probably watch some more Parks and Rec. Ann Perkins!



Defrosted some breaded fish so got that in the oven. Having it with salad and nann bread so should be tasty.

In the office tomorrow for the 1st time since like the 12th March 2020. Going in voluntarily just for the day and I’m a mix of excited/nervous. Got to get up and drive 20 miles so that’ll be a challenge cause I normally get up 15 mins before I start work…Probably should get an early night, probably won’t.

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Jacket potato and mince for dinner.

Tonight I shall be washing up and doing the bins. Another rock’n’roll Monday night

It’s 32 degrees yet still cooler outside than in my classroom :cold_sweat:

We had pizza for our teeeas
With salad and strawberries

Sorted out some reports, now eating a rocket lolly.

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In park with a fancy lager, celebrating the freedom of my people


Had a cold shower. Eating a crab salad baguette. Think that’s all i’ve got to do tonight.


This name a reference or something?

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Hope everyone’s alright and having some nice cold cans.

Made a potato, spinach and chickpea curry for dinner which was 10/10. Probably should have done more work than I did but whatever.

Met a nice person at the weekend so that was nice.



Back to work tomorrow after a week and a day. Taking today off too was a genius move, as otherwise last day off would have been spent hungover and overheating.

Had pasta with green beans, spinach, tomatoes and pesto for dinner.

D&D about to kick off.

Got in from work after a long old weekend. Started feeding my daughter her dinner. After about ⅓ of it, she very violently vomitted across the dining table. After that trauma, neither of us fancy cooking so we’re having wagamama takeaway and watching Midsommar


Minor Midsommar spoiler about casting

only realised the other day the actor who plays the old man is the boy from Death in Venice. Cause of that documentary… which sounds quite grim

Working till 9 ughhhh. Couldnt cope with cooking so just had an avocado and radish sourdough open sandwich which was actually pretty nice.

Got some pain and inflammation from all the sun I was exposed to this weekend :slightly_frowning_face:

i’ve been tidying the room where i throw all the junk and stuff but found some not junk too

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When I did work experience in a school I really couldn’t believe how hot it was allowed to get and the children were still expected to learn (and staff work obvs).

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like that bit in the wire where the headmistress or whatever tells prezbo to keep the heat up coz it makes the students drowsy

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Listening to my new(ly purchased, not newly released) Maybeshewill record and hoping it lifts me out of my funk. In a right old mood. Need to have a word with myself.

Veg pasta for tea, walked the dogs, working, got more work to do, can’t be bothered, and in the kind of mood where I’ll likely eat all the food in the house, in a “Tiger who came to tea” vein.

It is still very warm and I just had to run half a mile to get a train (or end up having to wait an hour for the next one). Ended up getting my hands dirty at work too. Unacceptable stuff tbh.

can’t be bothered to do anything but I can’t be bothered to not do anything either