Monday Evening the 19th

Hee hee. I got to admit I find the British stubbornness of just dealing with extreme heat pretty funny. Portable air conditioners are a real thing people, don’t suffer!


air conditioning doesn’t exist here, man

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thats it, I’m boycotting Coors Light in retaliation


As if we’ve got space to store an air conditioner all year round just for the 3 days a year it’s hot enough to need one!

(Plus it kills the planet, raises the temperature in cities measurably and irritates my eyes)

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Tell me about it.

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3 days!! You guys have been complaining for weeks over there seems like :laughing:, they have small plug in ones, don’t suffer!

Imagining you waking your partner up and them peering out the window to see you in your slippers and dressing gown emptying kegs of coors lite you have for some reason in your house


My air conditioner is my bff. One of the best things I’ve ever bought :heart: :ice_cube:


Can confirm it has not been hot enough for air con for weeks. We’ve only even had a fan on at night for 2 nights in the current what-passes-for-heatwave, and not at all in the day apart from when I’m exercising. And we’ve already got way too much junk, don’t give Mr Froglet ideas!

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Just hit me that it’s nearly August.

Fuck. Ing. Hell.

  • go to bed and sweat and not sleep
  • stay up and sweat and not sleep
  • other?

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how do I remove a chair from my back

Just had a freezing shower, why the fuck am I still sweating. Maybe I need to bathe in tea or something.

It’s far too fucking hot for a warm big lad

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It’s almost Premier League time!

sorry I just joined the fantasy league and will be up all night studying my squad


Can’t believe I’m up past my bedtime, on a weekday too
This wretched weather

Only when you can learn to move slower than time itself can you expect too cool down in this weather.

Got the window wide open and there’s just no breeze again. Wonder how uncomfortable it would be to sleep on the kitchen floor

even syrup feels the heat