Monday evening then


Already had my 2 x burritos for tea. Off to do a black metal. :guitar: what yous up to?


eating some leftover birthday cake, had a dr oetker for tea (@Lo-Pan)

did some ironing already and chose my outfit for tomorrow, might just go to bed


hang on a second, 2 (TWO!) x burritos???


Ginger beer, ginger biscuits and leftover dominos. ‘Lympics highlights at 7pm. Fancy an early night. Think that’s as exciting as it gets for me tonight.


2 (TWO) x (small) burritos :burrito: :burrito:


He’s evolved a second burrito stomach


Should be home cooking my tea now but my train was cancelled. Another ten minutes to the next one. Aargh.


Gonna watch hollyoaks, set up some lamps, do some midi editing


Ffs, just used up my pizza photo in the Monday thread.


Might have a fish finger wrap. Was gonna have leftover curry but my case of the Epimers say no.


smashed my phone screen the other week and just sat around not backing up the data and now it’s completely dead.

i’m the stupidest most procrastinating person alive.


it’s probably not completely dead, just go to one of those phone shops and get the screen replaced

failing that, bowl o’ rice


fish finger wrap sounds gross, sorry


yaaassss :+1::grinning:


What a fucking manic day. I’m beat.


Have you ever considered a chicken/mini kiev wrap? I have…


Driven a long way. Now enjoying beer and some snacks.


hope so, the battery appears to have exploded a bit too tho (it got ran over by a moped).

big job for rice.




I would wrap anything