Monday evening then

Already had my 2 x burritos for tea. Off to do a black metal. :guitar: what yous up to?

Ginger beer, ginger biscuits and leftover dominos. ‘Lympics highlights at 7pm. Fancy an early night. Think that’s as exciting as it gets for me tonight.


2 (TWO) x (small) burritos :burrito: :burrito:

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He’s evolved a second burrito stomach


Should be home cooking my tea now but my train was cancelled. Another ten minutes to the next one. Aargh.

Ffs, just used up my pizza photo in the Monday thread.

Might have a fish finger wrap. Was gonna have leftover curry but my case of the Epimers say no.

yaaassss :+1::grinning:

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What a fucking manic day. I’m beat.

Have you ever considered a chicken/mini kiev wrap? I have…

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Driven a long way. Now enjoying beer and some snacks.

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I would wrap anything


Got home at 5:30 and managed to somehow get a few resubmissions done before caving and posting on DiS right now. Justifying it by having a wee wee break and making another cup of tea.

Got southern fried chicken, sweet potato fries and coleslaw for dins :yum:

I’m shattered.

Chicken and mushroom stir fry for dinner, followed by an early night.

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I’ve had the boy this weekend so I’m knackered. Went to a house party Saturday night and a date last night. Moving house on Friday so I really need to get started packing shit up, but I’ve ordered a pizza so that hasn’t started well. Probably well get up in the loft though as otherwise I’ll be staring at my phone all night waiting for the inevitable rejection from this cute girl who’s inexplicably seen me three times.

Going to watch some rock music.

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Seriously man I know this is easy to say and difficult to do but don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re dooming this to fail before it’s even begun! Sounds like you’ve both had a pretty lovely time of it over these dates so I’m sure all will be golden. Got my finger’s crossed for you chief.


Having my second Sunday today. Yeah, you heard.

Gonna try to be productive tomorrow, I’m broke as all fuck so really need to jump on whatever opportunity I come across. Am set to do a pretty interesting interview this week so hopefully that works out well.

Satay chicken salad. F’in love chillis and lemongrass on a salad rn