Monday evening then

no u do


Hello. I’m at my boyfriend’s but he’s gone out for dinner. Bit bored.

Listening to NTS, gonna do some hoovering and eat buttery pasta.

Evening all!

We’ve looked at four houses in two days and saw one we really quite liked as a bit of a fixer upper and then looked at the horrorshow home report (pretty much new roof, walls and suspect flooring; possibly damp and built on a mineshaft.) Back to the drawing board…

Playing football at 8.00.

Where bouts you looking?

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Move some stuff around subtly

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West of Glasgow but not the ridiculously expensive West End bits. This one was like a hobbit hole with loads of weird cupboards and wonky rooms but it would probably cost 15 grand on builders to live in. We saw one in Ruchill that would have been brilliant if it wasn’t Ruchill but we’ve only just started looking and aren’t too upset.

Can’t get the speaker that’s hooked up to the tv to work and the speakers on the tv itself are terrible

Got Lemon of Troy lined up to watch too. Annoying.

Probably gonna have an early night.


Well that looks pretty fucking great

I’m open to Yoker but it’d have to be somewhere that won’t admit to being Yoker.

Welcome to Scotland!!
Hopefully catch you tomorrow night, unless the snow is too bad to drive in.

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Exhausted. Just been out in the freezing cold with the dog. She mistook a plant pot for a cat and bolted over to it only to realise her dickhead mistake. Obvs in the pub now.

My flatmate is moving back to London in a couple if months and am tempted to buy, but not sure I am grown up enough to deal with the hassle

It’s a doddle when you’re a first time buyer. Does tie you to one place a bit though.

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I’m dizzy with fuzzy hearing due to sinuses and that, so I’m listening to ambient / droney stuff. Hoping I don’t feel too rubbish in the morning, as I want to edit what I’ve taken to affectionately calling my magnum opus

Hiya :wave:

I assumed from this post that they’d announced they were ending the show…

Is it? The words ‘home report’ fill me with dread.


Evening all,

Just had burgers and chips, I am a podge.

About to make a hot water bottle despite the heating being on full whack. It is freeeeeeezing :grimacing:

@Matt_was_taken hiya :wave:

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