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Bun bun tish!

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Can you not watch it on your phone?

Possibly, but my phone turns off randomly, so I’m not even sure if it’ll be worth it.

Listening to The Futureheads and making rissoto. #livingmybestlyf

Is it on tv?

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Are you listening to hounds of love but replacing the ‘OH oh oh’s at the beginning with ‘RI, so, to’?


Nope. Not since grandad wanker cancelled the cable last year at any rate.



Can’t persuade a bar or somewhere to put it on?

I am belting the words out to “Danger of the Water” tho


Was thinking about this. It’s a Monday night tho and I’m not sure anywhere would be up for staying open for a 1am tip-off just for me.

How about you come here, get my work pass and locker key, go get my laptop from my office, then you can watch the basketball, then bring my laptop here so i can wfh from home tomorrow?


Could work tbh :thinking:

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Didn’t mention that bit did you! Hmmm you never know.

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Kitchen but you need to bring your own tea and coffee in:

  • Big red flag mate. Decline the job offer
  • This is normal

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Making some kind of tray bake and royally fucking it up as usual. I am the worst cook.

GF has made a playlist for Primavera but because Spotify’s most played songs for artists is a disgrace we’ve ended up with some weird choices. Also, this feen came up instead of The Caretaker. Only eleven views on YouTube!

Genuinely disgusted by this

Are there like 20 cartons of milk in the fridge or something then?

Depends what the organisation/company is. A lot couldn’t afford the cost.

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