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Sorry about your basketball, you big baby :wink:

you’re not really a big baby, I understand how disappointing missing out on something you were excited about can be and I empathise with you, my friend x

Just had roast leftovers. Really hoping I have space in my belly for some pudding in an hour or so.

Pray for me.

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he’s talking about the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks, Epimer.

live from the Quicken Loans Arena!


it’s a big, very well known culture / heritage / science institution.


Can’t wait to get in here with @hankscorpio on Friday


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So much work to do but not going to bother tonight. Either read or watch tv (obviously I’ll actually just dick about online and waste another night)

Made enough cheesy broccoli pasta for 4 adults not 1 toddler packed lunch so bland pasta for dinner it is.

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evening team, just made a big batch of roast tomato and pepper soup. damn tasty.

gonna find a film to watch and take it very easy.

Worked on market stalls that had a jar of instant coffee and a kettle ffs.

Basically our set up here, but replace kettle with one of those taps that dishes out boiling water, and instant coffee and tea bags

So not a company? I’d say that was completely normal then.

Give us a job mush

Have a 16hr pw vacancy as it happens. Every weekend


Don’t get the distinction.

How many smoke breaks do I get per hour?

I have ANOTHER sore throat when I’ve just got rid of a throat/ chest infection. So fucked off, but that’s the perils of commuting in virus season :microbe:
Bf is making home made saag paneer and chapatis and I’m going to try to make myself have an early night after that. Work is supposed to calm down a bit in January but it’s so busy again and we’re so stretched and all feeling under par.
My wee boy got on ok at his checkup today for his perforated eardrum so that’s making up for everything else. Might have a glass of primitivo to disinfect my throat, yes that will work nicely.



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  • I contribute to a communal tea/coffee fund
  • I bring my own tea/coffee/milk to work
  • I don’t contribute but I do take from the communal fund
  • I use a vending machine
  • I go to a coffee shop for my caffeine needs
  • Not on hotdrinkbook

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Work in a place with a cafe so I just use their tea and coffee. Sometimes the staff make me a fancy one.

Danger! DANGER! Water! WATER!


That menu looks great! Where bounce this place?

Never, ever worked in a place where tea and coffee wasn’t provided.

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