Monday Evening Thread for Today

wuu2? dinner plans with succulence rating?

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Got meself one of those ten pound waitrose Indian deals.

True succulence.


Evening @profk . I’ll be spending most of my evening looking at the window at the lightning from the thunderstorm that’s due to hit any moment now. We’ve got an amber weather warning and everything dontchaknow.

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Gone out to pick up a second hand buggy. PITA time. Cottage pie for dindins and some herbal tea after.

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a measure of succulence, for sure.

butter chicken?

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Going back to that thread the other day about the difference between restaurants and ready meals, the best supermarket naan I ever had was from Waitrose.

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I’ve had a wet foot all day

Already had some lightning just after 5

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I’m having a scavenge tea, but think it’s going to be alright - chips sausages and beans

Plans for the evening are minimal

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just checked satellite weather, and it looks like the same thing that went over here the past day or so.


Waitrose steak pie and mash for tea.
I have high hopes

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Yeah, but look much more there is to come, heading straight for us!

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They only had one reduced one and I wanted the deal so decided on Tikka Masala instead and Lamb Rogan Josh. Gone with TM tonight.


You’re damn right there’s two garlic and coriander naans getting ovened for additional succulence

Nothing better than a good lightning storm.

Still working here, waiting on a delivery to job site then im out. Going to start “True Detective: Season 3” i reckon.

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Got some m and s Indian meal deal things.

Then it’s off to the pub with my friend.

Monday night out!!!

Also seen some boots which I want a lot. BUT £180 and I just got new lotta ones a few weeks back. Torn between treat yo self and STOP

Tezzas are selling rump steaks for £2.50 at the mo which seems way too cheap so one of them with some mushroom sauce and broccoli.

Been gym already and I swear at the moment every bit of me hurts. Not sure what I’ve been doing different over the last couple of days but I’m really feeling it. Need a hot bath.


Show us the boots please

could it be the keto diet you’ve been doing?

swear those rump steaks are always on offer. nothing wrong with them.