Monday Evening Thread of Joy and Happiness

Come on guys, all aboard your luck dragons. Let’s pump those fists in the air like we just don’t care! Monday dayshift is OVER, time for the night!! YEAAAAH!!!

What you up to? What’s for dinner? How ya feeling?

I’m not going to lie, I’m trying pretty hard to suppress the dread levels. Thinking about Falkor is helping an awful lot. Funny furry dragon.

So fuckin bored at work today. Having celebration dinner apparently, neither of us have a clue what that is though. Feeling ok, just wish I booked this week off work and not next week. Probably gonna watch university challenge and go to bed.

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My gif is fucked.

Stupid fucking luck dragon.

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What the actual fuck is a luc… you know what, never mind.

I’m in Stansted. It’s heaving. No sign of my colleague yet. He’s got five minutes before I go get dinner without him.

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@witches have we addressed how your little rectangle person has changed??

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Nope. I fancied a change. I think this says a lot about me and how I feel about change.


Evenin Witches et al,
Gonna make a stir fry and load the fuck out of it with garlic, chilli and ginger :+1:
Then find something to watch.

So glad today is over.


Out with the north london pintmen for an extreme sesh. Will undoubtedly post some complete drunken nonsense later.


“Have a nice flight.”

“Thanks, you too!”




It’s so much more tilted! I like the look!
Got me thinking about my circle… I might change it to something more ‘upbeat’ so to speak :smiley:

As if @epimer didn’t know what a luck dragon was.

I need to finish some work off so that I can go climbing. These hands won’t wreck themselves.


I really like your avatar! That’s not to say you shouldn’t change it, I’m sure whatever you change it to it’ll be fantastic, just like your current one!

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Pretty windy. It looked like it was snowing leaves when I was driving just then.

Someone just did some actual fucking parkour shit off this bench I’m sitting on to get through the crowds. Calm down, mate.


I’m feeling HUGELY honoured.

My friend, who has been a real pillar of support and empathy through various mental health dramaz, is getting married in April and asked me if I want to be an usher and do a reading at his wedding.

Had no idea that this was coming, such a lovely feeling and I can’t wait!


Pickle Rick?

I don’t drink when I’m flying, thanks.