Monday Evening Thread of Joy and Happiness

Cos of Atreyu! Damn you for bringing that film up!*

*only joshin’ though, obvs

Oh my bad!!


Hey @witches et al

I’m good thanks. We had parents’ evening for our eldest just now, which has been a bit fraught in the past, but this was the first one since she was formally diagnosed with autism. Anyway it went really well, and her teacher (who is newly qualified) seems to have developed a really good rapport with her.

Dinner is macaroni cheese.


hey up

cooker broke yesterday so have to magic up dinner using just a hob/grill combo. Shoves the usual jacket potato easy Monday dinner out the window doesn’t it. Couldn’t get Mr S to go for the let’s get a new kitchen thing so getting a new one in on thursday.
Dreading the absolute grot that will be under the old one…

might do mac cheese and grill the top.

Another killer day at the school face, COME ON HALF TERM.

Still not booked a half term break, someone find me one yeah?

I want this now. Curse you both *shakes fist*


also those of you with 40 mins free time tonight might enjoy this:

it’s all instrumental so no need to be put off by my voice this time!

Bless you. should probably stop posting dad jokes soon

But I didn’t even sneeze!

Got a new lamp lads, this is as exciting as it gets!


Show us.

Ok I’ll stop. But I want you to know it is not because you told me to.

Just watching episode 1 now

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Having baked sweet potato and beans.

Just did my Japenese homework and then going to Japenese. Kombanwa.

Did very little work today so… but taking half day WFH half day leave on Friday so yeaaah.

Just tried to take a photo and it ain’t showing up in all it’s resplendent lampy glory so here’s a stock image:


Evening all. Having a beer in an ATD’s house before we go to my favourite Dublin pub. A bit bummed out because the Breeders gig has been cancelled but we’ll have a few pints and drown our sorrows.

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Evening all. Watching series 2 of GBBO on Really and it’s the season of floppy haired indie Rob :+1:


in oslo. did a walking tour through the city centre today which was good. had planned to go to the munch museum but fell asleep and didn’t have enough time so will give it another go tomorrow.

about to head out for dinner, think i’m going to get a fancy burger.


Also @Witches - was going to start this thread with pretty much the same title :+1:

Someone had smashed lots of glass all over the cycle path on my route home which hit me angry but then when I stopped to clear the path, lots of other cyclists stopped too and we had a little glass clearing party which cheered me right up.


Oh no, that’s annoying. My oven broke 10 years ago and I’ve not overly gotten around to fixing/replacing it yet. Oops. A hob/grill combo has served me very well over these last few years though.

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Just to be clear, the thread title thing wasnt about the glass clearing, I’m not that sad. Just thought we needed to lighten the mood.

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